MPC(24)70.04 Nominations

Agendas & PapersFull Council Uploaded on May 9, 2024

Nominations to Working Groups and Panels

Planning & Transport (min 4 max 8)

Cllr Brown (Chair) Cllr Darby (DC)
Mr A Corston Cllr Gradwell
Cllr Holmes Cllr Stearn
Cllr Taylor

(ex officio)

Cllr Bann

FERM (min 5 max 9)

Cllr Martin (Chair) Cllr Emerson (DC)
Cllr Brown Cllr Hillier
Cllr Taylor Cllr Taylor
Cllr Gradwell Cllr Packard


Recreation (min 5)

Cllr Taylor (Chair) Cllr Darby (DC)
Cllr Gradwell Cllr De Vita
Cllr Martin Mr P James

Disciplinary Panel

Cllr Brown Cllr Taylor

Appeals Panel

Cllr Martin Cllr Corston
Cllr Bourne