MPC(22)20 Pavilion Tenders

Agendas & PapersFull Council Uploaded on February 28, 2022


Pavilion Tenders

Tender documents (as found on the website were sent to five companies. Three responses were received by the agreed date of 18th February 2022. One company declined to tender as they had too full a workload.

Detailed tender responses are found in papers MPC(22)20a-c. All figures quoted are without VAT.

  Quote 1 Quote 2 Quote 3
Cost £268,485 £324.824.02 £304.816.26
Length of project 23 weeks 26 weeks 22 weeks
Start date Monday 14th March 2022, but this would be dependent on a written order being received by Friday 4th March June 2022, possibly earlier 4-6 weeks after appointment
Notes Considerable savings could be made on the access road. £12k has been allowed for matting.

£500 has been allocated for moving the Garrod memorial sign. This could potentially be relocated by the maintenance officer.


Considerable savings could be made on the access road. £15k has been allowed for matting.


Concerns raised regarding the steel calcs. The architect’s response is “Basically the posts etc are not taking any weight as such and as we are using trusses calculations are not required.”

Savings could be made on the access road/matting and a different soffit overhang.

Concern raised that there are no rodding eyes on the surface water drainage runs


There are some areas of potential savings, the two largest being the access road and the internal sliding/folding doors (£5k). The architect estimates that a temporary access road consisting of terram and crushed subbase would cost around £5k.

As at 28th February 2022 £199,446 remained in the Pavilion EMR. However a further payment to the architect was made in March for £2,470 so £196,976 is now remaining. There is currently £208k in the General CIL Reserve and c £120k of this has yet to be allocated. However, there are other projects on the backlog that have not had funds allocated to them.

Building Control have raised some minor questions which the architect is responding to. These included the occupancy of the flexible meeting space and hours of usage. If outside of 9am-5pm then emergency lighting will be required.

The architect estimates that his fees for the remainder of the project will be around £1200-1500.

It was agreed at the Full Council meeting on the 19th January 2022 that a Working Group, consisting of Cllrs Porter, Gradwell, James, Darby, Holmes and Biggle, would be formed to manage the Pavilion Project going forward. This will help keep the architect’s fees to a minimum.

Architect’s comments:

He has worked with all the tenderers and is confident that all can carry out the project. Quote 1 is from a very stable company who he has worked with for many years. He is confident that their tender is accurate because of the detail they go into. Unfortunately the architect is unable to attend the meeting.

The project will be a JCT formal fixed price contract. The architect will receive a monthly report on work carried out by the contractor which they will then verify.

Councillors are asked to:

  • Review the tenders and raise any concerns or comments
  • Decide the approach for the access road
  • Decide which tender, if any, is preferred and agree to appoint a contractor


Pip Alder

Clerk and Executive Officer to the Council

28th February 2022