REC(21)90.04 Saxon Way Footpath

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Saxon Way Footpath

A resident contacted the office asking if work could be carried out to repair the steps along the footpath behind Saxon Way that the Council now owns. The steps up the slope have rotted and fallen away. It is too big a task for the Maintenance Officer to complete on his own, so quotes were sought from external contractors.

 Quote 1

14 x 2-metre-wide steps

5” x 2” timber staked with returns both sides and soil compacted all around

All materials, fixings, equipment and labour – £430

I have been unable to obtain further quotes although the Maintenance Officer believes this is a fair price.

Financial Reg 10.1. states “All members and officers are responsible for obtaining value for money at all times. An officer making a purchase shall ensure as far as reasonable and practicable that the best available terms are obtained in respect of each transaction, usually by obtaining three or more quotations or estimates from appropriate suppliers, subject to any de minimis provisions in Regulation 11.1 below.” This would be considered to be de minimis as it is below £500 and in view of the difficulty of getting additional quotes for small jobs.

 Councillors are asked to:

  • Agree if they wish to proceed with this work

Pip Alder

Asst Clerk and Management Officer

November 2021