REC(21)M03 Recreation Minutes from 26th May 2021

RecreationRecreation Minutes Uploaded on June 8, 2021

Minutes of the meeting of the Melton Parish Council Recreation Committee held on Wednesday 26th May 2021 commencing at 19:00 at 17 Riduna Park, Station Road, Melton, IP12 1QT and by Zoom. 


Cllr Mr C W Taylor (Chair) 

Cllr Mr A Porter 

Cllr Miss K S Martin 

Cllr Mr M Holmes 

Cllr Mr P James 

Mrs C McBurney 


Cllr Mrs C Gradwell 

Zoom attendees: 

Cllr Harvey-Smith 

In Attendance: 

Mrs P Alder Assistant Clerk & Management Officer to Melton Parish Council 

1 member of the public 



  Part One – Open to the Public 
21.32  Election of the Chair and Vice Chair 

Cllr Taylor was re-elected as Chair and Cllr Gradwell as Vice Chair of the Recreation Committee. 

Proposed by: Cllr Martin Seconded by: Cllr James 

21.33  To receive apologies for absence 

Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Gradwell and Cllr Harvey-Smith 

21.34  Declarations of Interest 
21.34.01  To receive Amendments to the Register 

There were none 

21.34.02  To receive Declarations of Pecuniary Interest in Respect of Items on the Agenda  

There were none 

21.34.03  To receive Declarations of Non Pecuniary Interest in Respect of Items on the Agenda 

There were none 

21.34.04  To consider Full/Partial Dispensations for Pecuniary Interests Declared  

There were none 

21.35  Open Forum for Members of the Public to talk to Councillors 

Three items were raised by members of the public via email: 

  1. Height barrier at the Playing Field car park – a former resident emailed asking if the height barrier could be made more visible as he nearly collided with the barrier. It was felt that no significant changes could be made and considering it had been in place for many years without any issues it did not warrant any changes. 
  2. Cycling in the woods – an elderly lady contacted the office regarding cycling in the woods having nearly been knocked over whilst recently out walking. She asked them not to cycle but the cyclists said they were unaware of signs, having come from Melton Grange Road. The caller asked if additional signs could be erected at that side of the woods. After a robust debate it was agreed that no new signs would be erected but the existing ones would be left, the new playing field sign would clearly state no cycling in the woods and that natural barriers would be created to deter cyclist from creating new cycle routes within the woods. These would be formed using the arisings from the impending tree works and possibly coppicing. Recreation Committee will continue to monitor the situation. 
  3. Cubs using the woods – 5th Woodbridge Sea Scouts asked if the cubs could use the woods for some evening meetings. It was agreed that they could, and the Asst Clerk will liaise with the leaders.  
21.36  To approve the draft minutes of the previous meeting 

Meeting held on 24th March 2021 (REC(21)M02 previously distributed). 

21.37  Review Terms of Reference  

The committee considered the Terms of Reference and there were two minor amends: 

  1. Replace ‘Melton Recreation Ground’ with ‘all MPC land’ 
  2. Replace ‘around the playing fields and in Burkes Wood’ with ‘on all MPC land’ and replace ‘Friends of Melton Woods’ with ‘Melton Tree Crew/Tree Warden’ 

Proposed by: Cllr Holmes Seconded by: Cllr James 

21.38  Melton Playing Field 
21.38.01  The report (REC(21)38.01) was discussed and it was noted that the date for the Memorial Tree dedication ceremony is the 29th June and not the 28th. The police are also increasing their visits to the playing field in the following week due to the increased reports for ASB. Arising from the report it was agreed: 

Bench plinth – The maintenance officer will use some of the spare topsoil to build up the area around the bench near the tennis courts. 

Bins – no additional bins will be purchased or existing bins moved to be near the new bench by the zip wire 

CCTV – the additional camera on the Pavilion will be retained 

Tree dedication ceremony – will take place on the 29th June at 12 noon 

Topsoil – the committee delegated responsibility to the Asst Clerk to liaise with the greenspace contractors (CGM) regarding reusing the top soil from the car park resurfacing to level out dips in the playing field 

WTYFC – the club can use the football pitch for a match on the 12th June even though it is the closed season 

Swings – to replace the swings removed during Covid pandemic now that restrictions are easing 

Proposed by: Cllr James Seconded by: Cllr Martin 

21.38.02  Woodbridge Town Youth Football Club 

The committee considered the proposed draft hire agreement (REC(21)38.02) which will come into effect in August 2021. The agreement was agreed with the addition to include the line ‘Other facilities will not be available’ on item 7.h. 

Proposed by: Cllr Taylor Seconded by: Cllr Porter 

21.38.03  Dogs on MPC land 

A resident had contacted the office requesting that all dogs on MPC land must be kept on a lead. Councillors considered the request and felt that this would be unenforceable and that it should be stressed that owners must always keep their dogs under control (if on a lead or not). It was noted that there had been a previous incident where a woman was knocked over and that it might be advisable to install further CCTV should there be further similar reports. It was agreed that Cllr Porter would include a reminder to residents to keep their dogs under control on MPC land in his next Melton Messenger article. The Asst Clerk will advise the resident to contact 101 if there are any further incidents and to inform MPC. 

21.38.04  Bike Rack 

The committee discussed the proposal for a bike rack at the Playing Field (REC(21)38.04). It was agreed that 2 racks should be purchased initially and installed by the car park near the tennis courts. The Asst Clerk will liaise with the Maintenance Officer regarding the most appropriate location. It was noted that when the new Pavilion is built additional bike racks could be installed there too. It was agreed to take this proposal to Full Council for approval on the 16th June. 

Proposed by: Cllr Porter  Seconded by: Cllr Martin  

21.38.05  Melton Playing Field Sign 

Councillors considered the report regarding replacing the playing field sign (REC(21)38.05). The wording was agreed with the following changes: 

  • Keep your dog under control at all times and bag & bin all dog waste 
  • Change 1952 to the 1950s 
  • Include a line about updates and further information and website link. 

It was agreed that the Asst Clerk should contact Simon Benton to get a quote for creating a bespoke sign that includes a small noticeboard area for temporary notices. 

Proposed by: Cllr Taylor  Seconded by: Cllr James 

21.38.06  NHS Thank You Day 

The committee considered requests for the use of the playing field for the NHS Thank You Day on the 5th July (REC(21)38.06).  It was agreed that the tennis courts would be blocked out for the morning with no charge and the car park would be closed from 9 to 11.30am (it was originally agreed for 9.30 but it was felt this was too close to the start of the proceedings). The car park entrance will be marshalled during the closure but the gate will not be locked. The Asst Clerk will publicise the event and that the car park will be closed before the 5th July. 

Proposed by: Cllr James  Seconded by: Cllr Holmes 

21.38.07  Car Boot Sales 

The organisers of the car boot sales requested two additional dates (18th Sept and 2nd Oct). The committee agreed that both dates were acceptable, but should there be bad weather/heavy rainfall then they might need to be cancelled. The Asst Clerk would ensure this was included in the hire agreement. 

Proposed by: Cllr Porter  Seconded by: Cllr Martin 

21.38.08  Hire Charges 

The committee reviewed the hire charges of facilities (including tennis courts, football pitches) and decided that they would remain at the current rate. 

Proposed by: Cllr Porter  Seconded by: Cllr James 

21.39  Melton Woods 
21.39.01  Tree Safety Survey – tree works 

The Asst Clerk reported that the TPO had been submitted and that once it was approved quotes would be sought from at least three tree surgeons to carry out the work. 

21.39.02  Burkes Wood Pond Survey 

The SWT report on the pond survey that was carried out in May 2021 was not received in time to distribute before the meeting and it was distributed the following day. The committee agreed that any issues and actions arising from the report would be delegated to the Asst Clerk.  

Proposed by: Cllr Martin  Seconded by: Cllr Taylor 

21.39.03  Tree Warden Report 

The Tree Warden gave a verbal report on the work that he and his Tree Crew have carried out. The two memorial trees (oak and cherry) have been planted. The Tree Warden would like to get more community involvement by having Tree-Frienders and would write some words for Cllr Porter to include in his next Melton Messenger article. It was asked if we can get some ‘excuse the weeds’ signs for Bury Hill and that we should offer to plant trees on the new parcels of land that we own should residents request them. It was suggested that residents could be invited to nominate areas ‘to be wild’. The committee expressed their thanks to the Tree Warden and the Tree Crew. 

21.39.04  Melton Woods Festival 

The committee considered a report from a resident wishing to hold a festival in Burkes Wood (REC(21)39.04). They thought it was a lovely idea but they had some reservations and questions about the event namely around funding, insurance, security, toilets and over usage of the woods. It was suggested that the field could be used instead of the woods. The Asst Clerk would contact the resident with the committee’s concerns and invite him to the Full Council meeting on the 16th June. 

21.39.05  Queen’s Green Canopy 

There was a short discussion about the Jubilee tree planting project – Further information will be available in June and the Tree Warden may be able to obtain trees as an individual rather than the Parish Council purchasing them. 

21.40  Divested Land 
21.40.01  The SWT report about the land by the river had not been received before the meeting so would be circulated by email when available. Cllr Porter suggested that owl boxes could be installed in the Burkes/Leeks Hill woods. A consultation will be carried out regarding the Hall Farm Sports Ground once Covid restrictions are lifted. Cllr Holmes raised concerns about the planning application submitted for 24 Wilkinson Way and the damage that this will inflict on trees that are on MPC land. 
21.41  Maintenance Officer 

The Maintenance Officer has carried out his usual tasks of grass cutting, litter picking and play park checks. In addition he has installed the new SID on Wood Lane and moved the original SID to Melton Road. A new memorial bench has been installed at the playing field and he oversaw the car park project. The committee expressed their thanks for all the work he does. 

21.42  TPO Applications 

DC/21/2094/TPO Melton locations 
DC/21/2229/TPO 66 Saxon Way
DC/21/2455/TPO The Cottage 

There were no comments on these TPO applications. 

21.43  CIL and Grant Funded Projects 
21.43.01  It was noted that Hall Farm Road Sports Ground should be the recipient of CIL/grant funded projects. 
21.44  Notice Board 

An additional noticeboard will be purchased for Old Maltings Approach. A second is proposed for St Andrews but it might be too close to the one at the Burness. It will be reconsidered at Full Council on the 16th June. 

21.45  Playing Out 

There is no update on the Playing Out scheme but Mrs McBurney expressed an interest in attending any meetings regarding the scheme.  

21.46  Melton, Woodbridge and Deben Peninsula Community Partnership Grants 

There was not enough time to put in an application for this round of grants. 

21.47  Anti-Social Behaviour 

Cllr Gradwell was not available to give a report. The Asst Clerk reminded councillors to report any incidents for ASB to the police via 101 (online is easier). 

21.48  Committee Chairman’s Urgent Business 
21.48.01  To receive a report on urgent business not otherwise on the agenda 

Cllr Holmes reported that someone had died at The Grove but not been discovered for some months. He was advised to contact Cllr Smith-Lyte as this is the third death in Flagship owned property in recent times where the body has lain undiscovered for a period of time. 

21.49  To agree items for inclusion in the Melton Messenger/In Touch 

Dogs under control and Tree-Frienders 

21.50  Date of Next Meeting 

The next meeting will take place on Wednesday 7th July 2021 commencing at 19:00 at the Melton Parish Council offices. There being no further business the meeting finished at 21:05. 






Actions from Previous Meetings 

Minute item  Action  Status 
21.20.01  Asst Clerk to arrange the tree felling and ivy management recommendations that were included in the two reports (divested land and Burkes Wood/Rec Ground), including completing TPO application  TPO application submitted 
21.20.01  Asst Clerk to liaise with the Maintenance Officer about the feasibility of installing board walks in the muddy area near the protected oak in Burkes Wood.  Ongoing 
21.21.01  Carry out a public consultation with residents around Hall Farm Road Sports Ground once covid restrictions are lifted.   Open 
21.21.01  Asst Clerk to source quotes for permanent signage at the newly acquired land and take to Full Council for budget approval.  Open 
21.25  Revisit requests for grit bins later in the year  Open 
21.38.01  Use topsoil to build up area around bench plinth  Open 
21.38.01  Asst Clerk to liaise with CGM regarding re-use of topsoil  Open 
21.38.06  Asst Clerk to publicise the NHS Thank You Day and that the car park will be closed in the morning  Open 
21.38.04  Asst Clerk to take proposal for bike racks to Full Council for approval  Open 
21.38.05  Asst Clerk to get a quote for creating a new sign for the playing field  Open 
21.39.02  Asst Clerk to distribute pond survey and carry out any actions arising  Open 
21.39.04  Asst Clerk to invite resident to present Woods Festival proposal to Full Council on the 16th June  Open 
21.40.01  Asst Clerk to distribute SWT riverbank land report  Open 
21.44  Noticeboard proposal for St Andrews to go back to Full Council for approval  Open 
21.45  Playing Out scheme  – Mrs McBurney keen to participate in any meetings  Open