REC(22)06.01 Tree Policy

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Melton Parish Council Tree Policy

It was agreed at the last Recreation meeting in November 2021 that a Tree Policy for Melton Parish Council would be drafted and brought to Recreation Committee for approval:

Melton Parish Council is committed to ensuring the preservation of the green spaces it owns to a high standard and is actively looking to improve and enhance these spaces through planting and maintenance. The Council is reluctant to remove or carry out works to trees on land that it owns unless it is absolutely necessary for sound management reasons and / or good arboricultural practice. If trees are diseased, dangerous or damaged then remedial work will be undertaken by a qualified tree surgeon appointed by the Parish Council.

The trees are inspected every 18 months by a qualified arboriculturist, and reports can be found on the website:

Should a resident have concerns about a tree on Melton Parish Council land they should complete the Tree form on the website:  and the Council will investigate.

Members are asked to:

  • Decide if they wish to agree the wording of the Tree Policy

Pip Alder

Asst Clerk and Management Officer

January 2022