REC(22)34.01 Recreation Ground

RecreationRecreation Agendas & Papers Uploaded on May 16, 2022


Melton Recreation Ground

There was a report to Full Council on the 11th May and the Pavilion Working Group is next meeting on the 19th May. It was agreed that it will be called The Melton Pavilion. It is likely that hedging will be planted alongside the retaining wall to act as a barrier. Three shrubs offered by a resident could be used here, or potentially elsewhere in the parish.

Air Ambulance/High Barrier
The air ambulance landed on the field earlier this month. The paramedics were able to wheel the patient across the car park but could not drive the ambulance into the car park because of the height barrier and no-one with a key was close by. The number of users requiring keys for the height barrier is increasing, eg car boot sales, greenspace management company, builders etc. It may be sensible to replace the lock with a combination padlock to reduce the number of keys being cut. The code could be changed periodically for security reasons.

Burkes Wood
The office will liaise with the Tree Crew in the Autumn about creating protected areas within Burkes Wood using dead hedging and planting.

New Recreation Ground Sign
The new sign is being built and it should be ready later this month. It will be sited in the same place as the current sign.

The flagpole will be reinstated nearer to the tennis courts in advance of the Jubilee weekend celebrations. There will be additional measures in place to make it harder to damage.

Additional Trees

The Walnut and Indian Horse Chestnut have been planted at the Recreation Ground. The Chestnut was moved from the original position as it was too close to the play equipment. They have been watered regularly in the dry weather.

There has been a spate of damage to signs around the Recreation Ground and woods. The pond sign was ripped off the post and thrown into the water and various other signs have shown signs of damage. It will continue to be monitored.

A couple walked past the portaloos at 1.15am on Saturday 14th May and the female pushed over one of the portaloos. This has been reported to the police and footage was captured on CCTV. Karzees have been informed and we will be charged £15 for a replacement and there could be an additional charge for a deep clean. It might be possible to fence off the portaloos with spare Heras fencing from the Pavilion site.

Greenspace Management

The contractors sprayed some weedkiller at various locations at the Recreation Ground. They have been told that no further spraying should be carried out unless they have prior approval. The sprayer does have the correct qualifications and the spray used can be used on land adjacent to aquatic areas.


It is hoped that the new Pavilion will have a fixed Broadband connection, but this is not definite due to the logistics involved and full costs are not currently available. Should the Pavilion not have fixed Broadband then it would be possible to use to the 4G Sim to provide internet access in the Pavilion for users. To add a WiFi aerial pack to the existing router would cost £40.00 + VAT.

In the meantime, we currently pay £390 per annum for a CSL router with 4G fixed network SIM. This gives monthly usage of up to 5GB (120 mins viewing). The chart below shows our average usage in GB which is well below this. The contract runs to the end of July. At the point of renewal, it might be prudent to reduce the package. A 2GB sim card would cost £185.00 + VAT per annum or a 1GB sim card would cost £105.00 + VAT per annum. I am awaiting clarity on the implications about changing mid-way through a contract.

Members are asked to:

  • Note and comment on this report
  • Agree if the three shrubs should be planted on MPC land, and if so where. Replanting would probably not happen until the Autumn
  • Agree if the padlock should be changed to a combination padlock
  • Agree if the CCTV package should be changed


Pip Alder

Clerk and Executive Officer, Melton Parish Council

May 2022