REC(22)63.01 Recreation Ground Report

RecreationRecreation Agendas & Papers Uploaded on September 29, 2022


Melton Recreation Ground

Garrod Memorial Sign
The sign has been given some TLC by Phil and has been re-sited. It is currently positioned facing onto to the field. However, if members would prefer the sign can be faced into the car park.

Large Oak tree and bench near Play Park

Oak (no64) lost a large limb in August. This was not foreseeable from the tree safety survey and the loss is suspected to be related to previous pruning wounds. Both the arboriculturist and Tree Surgeon have visited the tree and do not believe it is diseased. However, a quote for a climbing inspection has been sought.

As agreed by the Committee via email the bench underneath has been re-sited near the zip wire and the Oak tree remains fenced off until the climbing inspection has taken place.


A resident has kindly offered to replace the halyard to a thinner one which should make the flagpole easier to use.

There have been reports of ASB in relation to the Recreation Ground car park coinciding with the bank holiday weekend at the end of August. The car park was closed to deter people loitering and playing loud music from their cars. It was reported to the police and the car park was closed over night for 5 nights. This appeared to resolve the problem and there have been no further reports of disturbances since the car park has been left unlocked at night. Members may wish to amend the sign at the entrance which says NO OVERNIGHT PARKING to NO OVERNIGHT PARKING – CAR PARK CAN BE CLOSED 9PM – 6AM to enable the car park to be closed without having to put up temporary signs.

There have also been reports of individuals starting fires in the large den in Burkes Wood which was reported to the Fire Service. Members are asked to decide if they would like the Den to be deconstructed as it is not used by the Forest School as previously thought.

The bike track through the woods has become more sophisticated with a number of obstacles having been created. Pip has encountered a cyclist traveling at speed who nearly knocked her over. Residents have also reported similar incidents.

Dead hedging in Burkes Wood

David Steptoe, alongside the Tree Crew, have offered to create areas of dead hedging within Burkes Wood to provide natural areas of protection for the flora and fauna. This would also help to discourage the use of bicycles through the woods.

Members are asked to consider where the fencing should be created. A site visit would be beneficial for the committee to familiarise themselves with the location of the problematic areas.

Educational and informative comms would be sent out by the office and placed in the woodland explaining the work being carried out and how we are trying to protect the woodland.

Greenspace Management
Unfortunately repeated staff changes with our current Greenspace Management Company have meant that continuity in the service and communication has been difficult. The office will continue to monitor the situation over the coming months.

Members are asked to consider if they wish the office to formally look for new contractors. There is a familiarity of staying with the current Greenspace Management Company and we may have similar issues with another large company. Alternatively, the option of using a smaller company or individual could be explored.

Litter / Dog poo bins
The issue of overflowing litter and dog poo bins continued to be a problem over the summer months. Cllr Mallinder at ESC has been very responsive and helpful in getting the bins emptied.

District Cllr Smith-Lyte had taken up the issues with the new Managing Director of LATCo who advises There is a large vacancy rate within Suffolk Norse and the Council are working to see what can be improved in terms of recruitment and terms and conditions. Cllr Smith-Lyte has been reassured this is a temporary problem.

The office will continue to monitor the situation and keep reporting as required although recent weeks have seen fewer reports of unemptied and overflowing bins.

A new dog poo bin has been installed alongside the existing bin at the entrance to Burkes Wood.

Bat Box Event
The next SWT event is taking place at the Recreation Ground on Wednesday 26th October at 10am. Further details have been sent out through the usual comms channels. The bat boxes will be installed in Burkes Wood and potentially at Hall Farm Road. There is still some money in the budget to run a 4th SWT event next year.

Field Hire
We have received a request from an individual to hold personal training sessions on the field at the Recreation Ground. The office has requested further details but as yet nothing has been received.


It was previously agreed that the MUGA project should be put on hold until after the Pavilion had been built and to bring it back to Recreation in September for discussion and prioritisation.

Members are asked to decide on the priority of the MUGA project.

Community Orchard

Transition Woodbridge have expressed an interest in planting a community orchard at the Recreation Ground. Members are asked if they, in principle, are supportive.

Members are asked to:

  • Note and comment on this report
  • Agree the direction of the Garrod Memorial Sign
  • Consider the deconstruction of the den in Burkes Wood.
  • Consider a stronger message on No Cycling in the woods.
  • Agree locations of dead hedging and confirm if a site visit is necessary or happy to delegate to Asst Clerk
  • Decide if they wish to investigate alternative greenspace management options
  • Agree if they are happy to hire out the field for a business offering personal training.
  • Agree if a new sign should be erected at the entrance to the car park.
  • Agree on the priority of the MUGA project.
  • Consider a community orchard




Fliss Waters

Assistant Clerk, Melton Parish Council

September 2022