REC(23)06.03 Recreation Ground Play Park

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Recreation Ground Play Park

The office has investigated the insurance implications of a pump track and due to the zip wire already being insured, no further charge would be applied for the public liability element on the premium.

With regards to increasing the Playground Equipment sum insured to cover the pump track for loss and damage, the annual additional premium for £10,000 is £50.67 including IPT and £25.33 including IPT for £5,000. If added on mid-term, a pro rata amount would apply.

The Ufford bike track group would be happy to consult on the project. They have a Facebook page – Redwood Trails – .  There are photos which illustrate the track they have through the wood at the Ufford Playing Field and the advice would be to put down carpet to protect surfaces. However, this can then be seen as a hazard when it comes to inspection. Maintenance in the summer months can be more involved with the jumps having to be patted down every two weeks.

A resident made enquiries in October seeking permission to create a bike track through the woods themselves and those who continually create tracks in the woods could be consulted for their ideas in the design.

Improvements/replacements to the equipment in the playpark is currently on hold as Beresford Drive playpark and the pump track were considered to be of a higher priority.


Members are asked to:


  • Note and comment on this report
  • Confirm if they wish to proceed with the pump track project and if a working group should be set up for the project.



Fliss Waters

Assistant Clerk

January 2023