PLA(22)108.03 Speed Management and Road Safety Issues

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Speed Management and Road Safety Issues 

Bredfield Road 

SCC Highways have discussed several options for the pedestrian improvements at Bredfield Road. One option looked at an island at the start of Bredfield Road with a gap for pedestrians, but Highways feared the school children and others wouldn’t use it because of the amount of traffic at this spot. Therefore, the preferred solution is shown in image 1. Please note that this is a proposed design and has not been finalised or agreed and at this point it is not confirmed as deliverable. Councillors are asked to give their comments on the proposal. 

Map showing proposed pedestrian improvements at Bredfield Road
Image 1 

The design team needs to obtain underground utility service details and any cost implications if these are affected. Then the designers need to finalise a Bill of Quantities, complete drawings and carry out document checks, get an indicative works cost and complete the feasibility study and provide a report for consideration. Once this has been received a decision will be taken on how to proceed. 

Wilford Bridge Road 

Regarding Wilford Bridge Road and the request to extend the 30mph limit from the car park to the mini-roundabout, Highways has recent traffic speed and volume data from a permanent counter. The team will assess this data together with collision data to advise whether this request meets the speed limit policy and its criteria. If it does then Highways would look to sign the east end just west of the mini-roundabout to avoid high costs to sign all around the roundabout, but the design team would come up with the optimum position. There is no timeline on when this data assessment will take place. 

Yarmouth Road/Upper Melton Terrace 

Following complaints from residents of Upper Melton Terrace about speeding traffic on Yarmouth Road the police speed safety camera team have carried out a speed data survey. 

The data meets the criteria to set up an amber enforcement site (aim is to visit a minimum of once per month) subject to the usual suitable site risk assessment. The residents’ complaint and data will be passed to the local SNT and Community Engagement Officer for whatever enforcement they can do.  

The data recorder was placed on a sign that was 154 metres inside the limit, and from The Street direction we got 60% of traffic recorded at a prosecutable speed (35mph and above). Highest overall speed recorded was 77mph at 0537hrs, with a 74mph recorded at 1142hrs. They feel this is a very good place to set up enforcement which hopefully will start to have an effect as soon as it commences. 

Report Sheet  Combined  Channel 1  Channel 2 
Average Speed  34.8  32.9  36.4 
85th Percentile  41  38  42 
Total Number Of Vehicles  31294  14181  17110 
Speed Limit  30  30  30 
Number Over Speed Limit  24281  9274  15004 
Percentage Over Speed Limit  77.6  65.4  87.7 
NPCC  35  35  35 
Number At Or Over NPCC  15131  4858  10271 
Percentage At Or Over NPCC  48.4  34.3  60.0 

Data collected between: 11:23 4/10/22 – 11:04 11/10/22 

Site Number: 00002659 

Location: B1438 Melton Yarmouth Rd opp No 1 Upper Melton Terrace on sign 154m in limit 

Channel 1: From Ufford 

Channel 2: From The Street 

Highways were contacted with regards to the residents’ concerns and they have suggested that because there are no streetlights at this point, repeater signs and/or roundels could be placed on the road surface. I am awaiting an update from Highways. 


Members are asked to: 

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Pip Alder 

Clerk, Melton Parish Council 

14th October 2022