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Hall Farm Road Sports Ground

Hall Farm Road Sports Ground

Melton Parish Council took ownership of the Hall Farm Road Sports Ground in April 2021. The Council is consulting with residents about how they want this land to be maintained and potentially enhanced.

A Working Group of residents and Councillors has been created to manage the consultation and implementation of these ideas.

Hall Farm Road map

An open even was held on Saturday 25th September at the Hall Farm Road Sports Ground. The findings of this event and the survey were presented to Recreation Committee on 10th November 2021 – REC(21)90.01a Hall Farm Road Sports Ground Consultation – and the following enhancements were agreed to be proposed to Full Council on the 17th November for approval:

  1. Remove existing football goal and replace with 1 x 9 a side goal facing the other way to the existing goal
  2. Basketball hoop with a quiet surface
  3. One bench to be placed near the fruit trees and move the existing bin nearer to the bench
  4. Add bird/bat boxes
  5. Create a wilder area around the wetland area to encourage wildlife and biodiversity and add more trees by the fruit trees
  6. From the report from the Suffolk Wildlife Trust it was agreed to get a quote for coppicing the trees

It is hoped that costs will be covered through a combination of grants and Community Infrastructure Levy.

In addition the broken fence panels have been replaced in the far corner and wood chipping is being placed on the paths to make them easier to use in wet weather. Work will be carried out on the stream section to cut back some of the vegetation.