Photo of Cllr Alan Porter

Alan Porter


I was born in Surrey and lived there until I…
Photo of Cllr Bill Banks

Bill Banks

Chair - FERM

My early life and career were spent in the north…
Photo of Cllr Brown

Nigel Brown

Chair - Planning & Transport

I worked as an accountant, tax adviser and later Human…
Photo of Cllr Taylor

Charles Taylor

Chair - Recreation, Vice Chair - Full Council

I have been a Parish Councillor since January 2012. Originally…
Photo of Cllr Gradwell

Carol Gradwell

Vice Chair - Full Council, Recreation and FERM

I moved to Melton from the metropolis of Southend on…
Photo of Cllr Hilson

Jane Hilson

Councillor - Member of P&T

Photo of Cllr James

Peter James

Councillor - Member of Recreation

I was co-opted onto Melton Parish Council in June 2019.…
Photo of Cllr Martin

Katy Martin

Councillor - Member of Recreation

I have been a councillor since 2008, was chair for…
Picture of Cllr Darby

Deborah Darby

Vice Chair Planning & Transport, Member of Recreation

I moved to Melton 3 yrs ago having lived in…
Photo of Cllr Harvey-Smith

Frankie Harvey-Smith

Councillor - Member of Recreation

I grew up in rural Essex and know the importance…
Cllr Biggle

Charmaine Biggle


I was co-opted to Melton Parish Council in November 2020…
Cllr Packard

Mark Packard

Councillor - Member of FERM

I grew up in Suffolk and have recently returned after…

Jim Crawford

Councillor - Member of FERM

I graduated in Chemistry from Strathclyde University and joined the…

James Stearn

Councillor - Member of P&T

member image

Mike Holmes

Councillor - Member of Recreation and P&T