MPC(21)113.05 Hope Crescent Tree Request

Agendas & PapersFull Council Uploaded on November 15, 2021



A resident from Hope Crescent attended the Recreation meeting on the 10th November, requesting that the Council pays for the removal of two sycamores on MPC land behind Hope Crescent. The trees are damaging the fence line and overshadowing the house. A quote (£495) was provided by a tree surgeon to reduce the sycamores to stump level and leave arisings in situ. The resident has offered to plant two replacement trees on the land further away from the fence line. Images provided by the resident can be found in paper MPC(21)113.05a.

Three other similar requests from residents to remove and/or reduce trees on MPC land have been funded by the residents.

Recreation Committee was unable to make a decision as it was not an agenda item so it was decided to refer to Full Council. Recreation’s position is that trees should be preserved and managed as a priority but any that are dangerous, diseased or damaged will be dealt with. The Committee is concerned at the number of requests being brought to the Council since the land was divested from ESC and that there are limited funds available for works such as these.

A quote has also been sought by the office regarding these two trees and a Tree Policy is being drafted by the Recreation Committee.


That members are asked to decide if they wish to fund the removal of these sycamore trees, without prejudice to the terms of any future tree management policy that is approved.

Pip Alder

Assistant Clerk to the Council

November 2021