MPC(21)120 Report on Pavilion project

Agendas & PapersFull Council Uploaded on November 16, 2021



 Below is a link to the up to date information on the Council’s website:

Background and summary

This report updates Councillors in relation to the arrangements for the demolition of the existing pavilion and seeks comments and approval from Councillors (subject to any amendments required) on the draft specifications, in order that the tender documents may be issued to the contractors to price the new build.

At the Full Council meeting on 22 September 2021 it was agreed to appoint Mixbrow Construction to undertake the demolition contract. UK Power Networks (UKPN) have been appointed to install a new electrical supply to facilitate connections to the newly purchased shed which will house, via ducts, both electricity and water supplies, together with the CCTV equipment. The purchase of the metal shed was made under the delegated arrangements for decision-making set up at the Council’s Annual General Meeting on 5 May. It was delivered to site on 30 September and erected on site by the Council’s Maintenance Officer with assistance from Councillors. The shed, powder coated in green, 9ft 11” x 12ft in size, will be used for both the storage of essential equipment, as well as the utilities user connections and CCTV equipment. At a cost was £541.66 plus VAT, it represents an economic investment; storage rented or provided by the contractor would be much more expensive and the shed will be available for use elsewhere once no longer required for the pavilion project.


The latest information is that UKPN will carry out its work on 1 December and on the same day E.ON, the Council’s electricity provider, will attend to install the temporary meter. The CCTV equipment will be moved on 2 December by the Council’s CCTV contractor.  UKPN requires to be paid in advance, and the sum of £2,082.00 has been paid under delegated authority in order that the work could be commissioned.

Mixbrow will close off the pavilion from 22 November and start to prepare trenches for UKPN. This will require fencing off the path near to the Play area for a couple of days only. The demolition will commence on 6 December and should finish no later than 10 December. All equipment and fencing will then be removed and what will remain of the pavilion will be one concrete slab. When the specifications for the demolition were drawn up the Architect recommended that rather than dig up the slab as part of the demolition, it should be left in place and then opened up as part of the new build. Doing it that way removes the need for the area to be fenced off in the interim for safety reasons.

Closure of the pavilion from 22 November removes access to toilet facilities. Recreation Committee at its meeting on 10 November agreed NOT to hire a portable toilet on the basis that the hire agreement signed by the Woodbridge Town Youth Football Club makes it clear that whilst temporary storage facilities will be made available whilst the pavilion is unavailable, toilet facilities will not. If the car boot sale organisers wish to hire temporary provision for their events, it will be up to them to make the arrangements at their expense.

This does raise potential public health issues and Full Council will need to consider this decision and either confirm it or request the Assistant Clerk (who has already sought two quotes for temporary toilet provision) to make suitable arrangements.

In order to move the project along I have in the past few days authorised the Architect to commission THS Consulting to prepare the Building Regulations Compliance Certificate and the Energy Performance Certificate for the new build at a cost of £295.00 and £200.00 respectively.

Finally Members will see that the information on the Council’s website now includes all the documents to be supplied to tenderers. The key ones are the “Construction Notes relating to proposed replacement pavilion etc.” and “Notes to Contractors for Estimating Purposes etc.” which Members may wish to look at closely as these effectively provide the specifications for the new build.

It is proposed to issue the tender documents to the same list of contractors as for the demolition contract:

  • Bradley Building Contractors
  • Mixbrow Construction
  • A J Kernahan Developments
  • Lewis Culf
  • Stowe Building Contractors.


Full Council is recommended to:

  1. Note the arrangements and timetable for demolition of the existing pavilion.
  2. Review the decision made by Recreation Committee in relation to temporary toilet provision and either confirm it or decide to make some sort of temporary provision.
  3. Consider in detail the tender documents to be issued in respect of the new build, either confirm or request variations to them, and instruct the Clerk to advise the Architect accordingly so that the tender documents can be issued forthwith.
  4. Confirm agreement to the list of contractors to be invited to tender.
  5. Note the decisions made under delegated authority which in accordance with the requirements of the Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014 will be reported to the next meeting of Finance Employment and Risk Management (FERM) Committee.

William Grosvenor

Clerk and Executive officer to the Council

15 November 2021