MPC(22)29.04 CIL Report – March 2022

Agendas & PapersFull Council Uploaded on March 17, 2022


Report on Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funded projects – March 2022

Background and summary

This report updates Full Council on the situation regarding CIL resources and projects as at 28 February 2022.


As at 28 February 2022 the CIL Reserves totalled £520,241 as follows:

EMR Title Total as at 28 Feb 2022 Original allocation
CIL reserves £133,519


EMR Melton Rd crossings project £35,755


EMR Landscaping & parking improvements £49,000


EMR Pavilion project £274,446 £220,000
EMR Bins £2,000


EMR Divested land sinking fund £23,843 £30,000


CIL received and spent to date

Receipts to date (payments are usually made in April and October in each year):

2016 £4,720

2017 £75,172

2018 £3,652

2019 £245,651

2020 £183,667

2021 £106,600

TOTAL = £619,462

The next payment date is April 2022.

Expenditure to date:

2018/19 £2,324

2019/20 £8,554

2020/21 £11,243

2021/22 (to 28/2/22) £78,777

TOTAL = £100,898

In terms of spend deadlines, the earliest unspent tranches now date from April 2019, which needs to be spent by April 2024. These balances will be used up in 2022/23.

Currently the Council has £520k worth of CIL unspent, but only £133.5k has not been formally allocated to EMRs.

Projects completed and paid using CIL

  • Playing Field security CCTV system
  • Speed Indicator Devices x 2
  • Recreation Ground Car Park improvements
  • Land Divestment improvements/enhancements

Projects in Progress

  • Creation of car park in front of Winifred Fison House (EMR created). Additional £2-3k required due to increased costs incurred after feedback from minor works application
  • Melton Road/Hill crossings (EMR created) – installation date of July 2022. Some money may remain on completion.
  • Pavilion (EMR created) – start date of 28th March 2022
  • Bredfield Bus Shelter – (No EMR created) – £2.4k in total but £700 funded by grant. Work being completed in March 2022.
  • Hall Farm Road Sports Ground (mostly funded through grants or through the Divested land sinking fund EMR)

Other Potential Projects

The following projects have been identified but have not been prioritised or had funding allocated:

  • New Play Area fencing – estimated at £10k – could potentially be funded through the Playpot (only c.£19k remains)
  • Tennis Court resurfacing – estimated at £18-20k – could potentially be funded through grants/Playpot
  • MUGA replacement – estimated £50-80k
  • Bredfield Road Crossing feasibility study (£7,138.50) – could apply for District CIL
  • Bredfield Road Pedestrian improvements – cost tbc – could apply for District CIL
  • Solar panels for 17 Riduna Park – cost c.£6-10k


Members are asked to:

  • Note and comment on the report
  • Agree to top up the Winifred Fison EMR with £3k 
  • Agree if any of the potential projects should be progressed and a dedicated EMR created for them


Pip Alder

Clerk and Executive Officer to the Council

March 2022