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S137 Grant Giving 2022/3


This report lists the applications for grants that Melton Parish Council has received for this financial year. Applications were received from the following (with specific requests in brackets):


Headway Suffolk (contribution of £500 towards providing support, rehabilitation and care to any adult in Suffolk with a brain injury or neurological condition)

Deben Community Farm (contribution of £339.44 to purchase essential equipment (garden trolly, wheelbarrows and hose)

Melton Primary School (contribution of £235 towards cost of provide classroom storage (£1000))

Woodbridge Primary School (contribution towards cost of outdoor furniture (£3,580), Nursery Garden (£20k) and Climbing Frame (£10k))

Mischief Makers (contribution towards cost of room hire to provide a parent and toddler group in Melton)

Salvation Army Foodbank (contribution of £1k towards annual costs of £21k for providing weekly food parcels – there are 21 households being supported in Melton)

Suffolk Accident Rescue Service (SARS) (contribution of £300 towards annual costs of £200k)

Copies of their applications are appended to this report for information.

A budget of £1,000 for s137 grant giving has been allocated for this financial year. A further £1,200 has been allocated as an annual grant to St Andrew’s PCC to support the Melton Messenger publication.

 Members are asked to:

  • Consider the applications and decide the allocation of funds
  • Agree the release of the Melton Messenger grant for payment before Christmas


Pip Alder


November 2022


Headway Suffolk

Address: Epsilon House, West Road

Purpose of Grant Application: The charity offers support, rehabilitation, and care to any adult living in Suffolk who has a brain injury or neurological condition We aim to support people who live in your parish who have neurological conditions including brain injury, stroke, mental health challenges, and dementia. This will enable them to have support in their own community or in our hub and integrate with members of the community They will have support in their own community and integrate with members of their community. It will also help them to regain independence and enter volunteering or paid employment

Total cost of project: £500

Date of completion: 01-01-2024

Level of grant being asked for: £500

Deben Community Farm

Address: Saddlemakers Lane, Melton

Purpose of Grant Application: To provide essential equipment to carry out day-to-day functions of the farm, to include:

I x  4-wheeled Handy large garden trolly @ £184.49

2 x Walsall Easiload wheelbarrows @ £59.98 each I x 50m Heavy braided garden hose @ £34.99 All from Screwfix at competitive prices and are inclusive of VAT at 20%

Benefit to the people of Melton: Residents and many visitors to Melton who either visit the farm or live in Melton and volunteer at the farm will benefit by having new resources to enable the day-to-day operation of the farm. The farm operates as a not-for-profit business but has relied on the generosity of grants for capital improvements.

Total cost of project: £339.44

Date of completion: Once the grant is provided.

Level of grant being asked for: £339.44

Melton Primary School

Melton Road, Woodbridge, IP12 1PG

Purpose of Grant Application: Melton Primary School was built in 1965 and we have many aspects of the school which need modernising. The eldest children’s cloakrooms are now very dated and have storage above head height, which isn’t practical or safe for children to use. We are applying for a grant to increase storage in the classrooms so we can remove the above head height storage in the children’s cloakrooms. The cost of the removal of the cupboards and the updating of the cloakroom, will be funded by the school. We are hoping the Parish Council will support the project by funding a low-level storage cupboard for a key stage 2 classroom. The cupboard will be lockable and will therefore be GDPR compliant too.

Benefit to the people of Melton: The children of Melton will benefit from this project because they will have a safer, updated space which is their walkway from their classroom to the central school hall. Moving storage into the classroom, will mean resources will be more accessible to staff and children during lessons. It will also make the school visually appealing to visitors and prospective parents. Our pupil numbers are lower than required because we are competing with other local schools, which have higher pupil numbers and therefore more  annual income, or a newer building.

Thank you for taking the time to read our request.

Total cost of project: £1000

Date of completion: February 2023

Level of grant being asked for: £235

Woodbridge Primary School PTA
Wilkinson Drive

I’m reaching out for help to improve my children’s primary school. Based in Woodbridge, Suffolk, for many years the school has relied on the PTA and charitable events to provide new equipment, school trips and upgrading the facilities for our amazing children.
I appreciate most schools are in the same situation and you have many requests but as a former pupil and with many generations of my family including my 4 boys, 2 of which are there now, attending this school I was wondering if this is a project you would be interested in supporting?

There are a number of projects which we would dearly love to be able to set in motion for the children but finances have just stopped in their tracks.  I have absolutely no idea what anyone might be able to offer so here are our top three wishes at the moment: outdoor furniture, The Nursery Garden and the Pirate Ship climbing frame.  The costs of these vary wildly so a contribution/donation towards any of these would be much appreciated. I’m not sure how much information you need to provide so I’ve added a little about each project. I’ll leave it to you to guage what might be appropriate to ask for…

Our top three wishes:

During lockdown our caretaker built two outdoor classrooms for us.  We have now had to move the furniture back into the dining hall and so they are virtually empty and not being used nearly as much as we’d like.  We’d love to equip them with furniture and resources to bring them to life again.  This would cost approimately £2500

Plus x6 picnic benches @£180 each

The Nursery Garden is unuasable at the moment.  It’s on a slope and needs resurfacing with an all weather surface as the grass has turned to mud and dust.  We anticipate that this would cost in the region of £20,000 for it to be done properly.

Our well loved Pirate ship climbing frame has just been condemed and needs to be removed.  We anticipate that this could cost £8000-10,000 (although with play equipment the sky is the limit!!)

I hope this helps and am happy to chat further if you’d like.

Mischief Makers

Parent and Toddler Group

I have being living and working in Melton as a childcare provider for 10 years. I have always commented on the lack of play groups within the Melton parish and have gone into Woodbridge to have this need met.

I would love to creat a new Mischief Makers splay group  on Thursday Mornings in the new pavilion when is ready.

Whilst toys and equipment will be fairly easy to gather through donations. A grant to help cover the weekly hall hire would be beneficial.

As dated before Melton has only one very small toddler group held in a small room on Monday afternoons.

As a qualified and  experienced childcare provider I believe I could offer another child friendly session for parents and carers to bring their children too; within the Melton Parish.

As a mother myself, I am more than aware of the vital role these groups play in creating support networks to new parents who would otherwise struggle in todays society.

As room hire has not yet been set for the pavilion I can only estimate it would be around £1000 to cover the room hire cost for a year. Any contribution to this amount would reduce the need for a high charge to families who attend the group. Keeping costs down will ensure the group is accessible to all families in The local community. Any profits made will be banked to pay for snacks, crafts and beverages. And hopefully to save for the following years hall hire.

As soon as the pavilion is ready to be used Any amount to help cover the estimated £1000 hall hire costs.

The Salvation Army Woodbridge

New Street; Woodbridge: IP12 1DT

Purpose of Grant Application: To help purchase food for Foodbank

I run the foodbank in Woodbridge we are currently suppling 93 food parcels each week, this week saw an increase of 12 new applicants, we have 12 single people and 9 families with 23 children that we help in Melton.

It will allow us to continue supplying food parcels for those who are struggling at this time.

Total cost of project: 21,000 per year

Date of completion: continuing until no longer required

Level of grant being asked for: 1000

Suffolk Accident Rescue Service

SARS application