MPC(23)126.01 Beresford Drive Play Park

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Beresford Drive Play Park

Following the public consultation in June 2023, a brief for the refurbishment of the Beresford Drive play area was created and put out to tender on Contracts Finder with the closing date of 10th October.

Nine companies were initially interested in quoting for the project and site visits took place with 8. One company failed to rebook a site visit and another company pulled out early in the process due to other competing projects. It was anticipated there would be 7 proposals to review, however two companies failed to submit a design within the specified timeframe.

The five submissions received were considered by the Beresford Drive Working Group on the 9th November having been shown to a focus group from the primary school on the previous day. All five quotes were either at the top end of the budget or just below the £80,000.  Details are shown in Appendix A.

After some deliberation the Working Group felt two companies had interpreted the information, given in the brief and during the site visits, better than the other three and on closer review one company’s design only required minimal changes to fully fit the inclusive aspects of the envisaged design.

The feedback from the primary children was shared with the working group once a decision had been made, the children felt the play equipment should be challenging, inclusive and allow them to play collaboratively with peers.

The refurbishment of the play area will be funded by a combination of CiL and grants. The Melton Trust has given £5,000 towards the project and Cllr Smith-Lyte has pledged £4,000 from her Enabling Communities Budget. Further funding has been promised by County Councillors Alexander Nicoll (£3k) and Ruth Leach (£2k) and an application made to the sport and play pots. Grant applications have been made to the Deben Community Partnership, the National Lottery Awards for All, Tesco and Adnams. We are also hoping that District Counncilors Stephen Molyneux and Kay Yule will make a contribution.

Councillors are asked to:

  • Note and comment on this report
  • Agree to the recommendation to appoint company 3


Fliss Waters

Assistant Clerk, Melton Parish Council

December 2023

Appendix A

Company Met the brief Cost Warranty Sustainability


Surfacing Pieces of Equipment Number of activities Ages catered for Accessible elements Quote Valid Replacement gates





P £80,000 –

Gym equip not required


Discount given £643

Not specified Yes – statement on green credentials Wetpour and Bonded Mulch 6 + gym equipment not requested = 8 Not stated All ages 5 includes sunken roundabout 90 days P Low



P £80,494.89

Discount given £11,294

1-25 years Yes – statement on green credentials Wetpour 10 inc outside of fenced area 47+ features 2-18 6 90 days × Low


P £80,000 – Additional bench not required

Discount given £10,657

1 -25 years Yes – statement on green credentials Wetpour 14 including outside of fenced area 30+ 0-18

Strong focus on girls

6 90 days P Low – only grass at the edges of design, good for maintaining.
4. P £76,995.93 2-25 years Not stated in docs received so far Rubber bonded mulch and grasslock 6 Not stated Very similar to current design 1 – sunken roundabout 90 days x Low


P £80,000

Discount given £18,698

1 -25 years Policy documents supplied Wetpour and grassmat 13 50+ 2-16*



6 Until 31st Dec 2023 P Low