MPC(23)126 Recreation Paper

Agendas & PapersFull Council Uploaded on December 11, 2023



Pavilion update

Pavilion bookings continue to be strong with further bookings being taking for the period between Christmas and New Year.

As we are approaching a period where the office will be closed for an extended amount of time, Councillors are asked to consider how out of hours emergencies at the Pavilion should be dealt with. This would also apply to weekend and evening bookings.

An emergency mobile number was used for the previous Pavilion. Currently the hirers are only given the office contact details. If an emergency mobile number was used, it would need to be decided who would be responsible for answering any calls.

Circus 2024

The Recreation Working Group (RWG) has agreed to a circus using the Recreation Ground from the afternoon of Wednesday 26th June until the afternoon of Sunday 30th June 2024.

The performance would be Friday at 6pm only, Saturday 2pm & 5pm with one final show on Sunday at 2pm before all the equipment is packed away and they depart the same evening. Each performance is roughly 90 minutes and there are 296 seats in the big top.

The Fete takes place the weekend before and a car boot sale on the weekend after so there will be some heavy footfall during this period, however it is felt this is a good opportunity for a community event. The circus will provide some tickets as raffle prizes for the fete.

Car Boot Sales 2024

The RWG agreed that a limit of 50 sellers would be imposed on the car boot sale dates next year. It was also agreed that an amendment to the hire agreement will be made, stating that if MPC staff are contacted out of hours for anything other than an emergency, ie fire, flood, vandalism, Melton Parish Council can terminate the agreement without notice.

The car boot sale organisers were made aware that they could hold five dates next year and the hire of the Pavilion would be charged for full number of hours requested.

The office is awaiting a reply from the car boot sale organisers if they wish to proceed.

Saxon Way Footpath

The council has been made aware a resident created an access gate, with electric keypad, onto the footpath behind Saxon Way without seeking permission.

RGW agreed for a letter to be drafted advising the resident that access along the footpath could be removed at any time. It was agreed to further planting of hedging along the footpath to fill in the gaps that have been made by trees being removed over the years which will help to increase the biodiversity.

Other Updates

The additional solar lighting at the Recreation Ground car park has been installed.

The perspex on the noticeboards located at the Burness Parish Rooms and on Wilkinson Way has been replaced. The new, larger noticeboard for Melton St Audry’s is due to arrive w/c 11th December.

A replacement grit bin for Saxon Way has been installed by the Maintenance Officer.

A small tree fell by the car park picnic benches at the Recreation Ground was blown over in the wind. The maintenance officer removed the fallen tree.

The office has been made aware of some long term parking at the Winifred Fison car park and is investigating. The vehicles that were visited by the ESC rough sleeper team have moved on.

Councillors are asked to:

  • Note and comment on this report
  • Decide if an out of hours emergency contact is required for the Pavilion

Fliss Waters

Assistant Clerk, Melton Parish Council

December 2023