MPC(23)84.02 Beresford Drive Consultation Report

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Beresford Drive Play Area Consultation


The Beresford Drive Play Area consultation has now closed. The consultation took the form of an open day on the 3rd June, flyers to 800 properties and an online consultation that ran until the 30th June.


83 responses were received in total and of these 68 used the play area and 15 didn’t, mainly because of their age.

Responses pie chart

All the equipment is used and the flat swings (currently out of action) are the most popular.

Equipment used pie chart

The most asked for equipment:




Climbing Frame

Equipment wanted chart

From the ‘other’ section the most requested were:

Football goal/Astro pitch – 12

Zip wire – 11

Benches/picnic benches – 10

Basketball hoop – 10

Other choices pie chart

Unfortunately, the space is probably not big enough for a football goal or Astro pitch but a basketball hoop and benches could certainly be considered. There might not be sufficient space or funding to install a zip wire and there is already one provided at the Recreation Ground. The lessons learned from installing equipment at the Jubilee Green should also be considered if installing a basketball hoop.

There were a lot of single requests covering everything from cycle tracks to a toilet, many of which were not feasible and not requested enough to be considered. There were only three requests for adult exercise equipment.


The consultation has demonstrated that there is a need for this playpark and for it to be improved. The overall response was a desire to revamp the play area to make it a space that people are proud of, want to visit and provides imaginative play and equipment for all ages. There were some concerns about older children hanging out and intimidating younger children and the area being used for illegal activities. It is important that the layout and equipment should be mindful of these concerns.

The Recreation Working Group decided to create a sub working group to assist the office in managing the project which will consist of Cllrs Taylor, Gradwell and James. Cllr Darby would be able to assist in relation to accessibility as the need arises. Cllr Corston and a resident have also been asked to join.

Next steps

Approach at least three play companies, as well as advertising on Contracts Finder, with a brief to redevelop the whole play area. The brief will be developed by the Playpark Working Group in conjunction with the office using the data collected from the consultation and examples of local play parks/equipment that are well used and popular. Once indicative quotes are known the office will investigate what grants are available to help fund the project.


Members are asked to:

Note and comment on this report

Decide if they are happy to proceed as detailed in the Next Steps


Fliss Waters

Assistant Clerk

July 2023