MPC(24)06.07 Local Highways Matters

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Local Highways Matters

Bredfield Road
Covered by item MPC(24)06.09

Speed Indicator Devices
The SID was not moved over Christmas due to staffing issues. Councillors are asked if they wish to leave it on Bredfield Road now that the school term has restarted or to move it to another location in the village.

Melton Road Crossings and Traffic Regulation Order (double yellow lines)
The office and Cllr Nicoll continue to chase Highways for an installation date which has been delayed by the change of contractor to Milestone. Milestone checked over the existing drawings and came back with comments which were responded to by SCC. They have been asked to press ahead getting the job pack ready to get the works delivered. SCC will inform us when a date is provided by Milestone.

Wilford Bridge Road Speed Reduction
The invoice for 50% of the design fees has been paid and we now await further updates on the scheme.

Yarmouth Road Pedestrian Signs
This work has been ordered and the contractor has 12 weeks to deliver. They should be installed by the end of February.

Melton Road Uneven Road Surface
The road surface along Melton Road is extremely uneven in places, especially by the Spar garage. There have been two reports of pedestrians tripping over the uneven surface when crossing the road by the garage. Thankfully no-one was seriously injured and vehicles were able to stop in time. This has been reported to Highways but after doing a site visit their response is as follows:

“According to our HMOP levels (the level of intervention), it has been measured and found not to hit the level indicated.  Therefore, a repair will not be undertaken at this time.  Whilst these levels may frustrate, fundamentally the Local Authority are not in a position to repair every slight defect recorded on the highway.  For example, if we undertook this work and went against the specified levels of intervention, I’m sure you’d understand that this would create a precedent and a problem when undertaking other works, adding a significantly level of burden on already depleted budgets.  In fact, moving forward, the Local Authority have been asked to find further savings.  In addition, not complying to the agreed HMOP (a Maintenance Plan agreed by the Political Leaders, Councillors and Highways), this would undermine the local authorities position in defending claims.

Alternative options would include potential funding through the County Councillor’s LHB, or 3rd parties such as the Parish.”

Unfortunately the HMOP levels are looked at from the perspective of vehicles rather than other road users, such as pedestrians. This issue has been included in the Active Travel Wish List (Paper MPC(24)06.09).


Members are asked to:

  • Note and comment on this report.
  • Decide if they wish to move the SID from Bredfield Road

Pip Alder

Clerk, Melton Parish Council

January 2024