MPC(24)19 Recreation Paper

Agendas & PapersFull Council Uploaded on February 26, 2024



Pavilion update

Enquiries for bookings continue to be strong, with a number of one-off hires taking place over the half term and the Easter holidays. One hirer has reduced the number of hires from 4 sessions per week down to one. This has created availability on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings. The availability has been advertised on NextDoor and in the March Melton Messenger, as well as being offered to those on the Pavilion waiting list.

The pop-up takeaway café has returned and the hirer has shown an interest in offering seating for future dates.

At the end of January, Drain Doctor visited to deal with a small blockage in the drain a short distance from the Pavilion. A camera was sent down as far as they could approx. 60 meters and the drain was jetted. Sewage was backing up at this point which suggests there is a problem further downstream which would be off MPC land. Anglian Water were informed and they have advised they will investigate within a month.

The investigation by Drain Doctor highlighted a small patch of the pipe on MPC land that could do with patching but it is not urgent or serious. There was some scale which could also be removed but again not urgent and would not be considered until the main blockage is resolved.

The Recreation Working Group feels the out of hours procedure at the Pavilion is a wider issue than solely Recreation, as the solution would require financial consideration. The recommendation is for FERM / Full Council to discuss and decide the procedure for out of hours cover.

Beresford Drive Play Area Update

The works started on 26th February and will last approximately 4 weeks. Grants totalling £26.8k have been received or pledged. The office is waiting to hear the outcome of around £3k worth of funding.

Grant From Amount
Melton Trust £5,000.00
Deben Community Partnership £5,000.00
Outdoor Play Space & Sports Fund £6,349.01
Cllr Nicoll £3000.00
Cllr Leach £2000.00
Cllr Smith-Lyte £4000.00
Cllr Molyneux £499.00
Cllr Yule £1000.00

At a recent RWG meeting the opening event for the play area was briefly discussed however the group wanted to confirm works had started before deciding a date so the decision was deferred until this Full Council meeting.

The Assistant Clerk will investigate the cost of an ice cream van attending the event.

RWG have asked the Assistant Clerk to seek a quote for a sign for the new play area which would be similar style to those installed at the Jubilee Green and the Recreation Ground. The Assistant Clerk will share the design with the RWG once it has been received.

 D-Day Anniversary

The Beacon at the Recreation Ground will be lit on 6th June to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day. Cllr Stearn will light the beacon with assistance from Cllrs Gradwell, Taylor, Bann and Martin. A meeting will be scheduled to discuss the arrangements and Cllr Gradwell will contact the Church regarding a bugler. The office has asked for a commemorative roundel to be designed.

Scattered Orchard

The six fruit trees have been planted, using mulch from the fallen tree at Beresford Drive, on the playing field near the entrance to Burkes Wood. A team of watering volunteers has been put in place by Transition Woodbridge who will utilise the tap at the Pavilion.

Sapling trees surrounded by growing cages planted on a grassed area with mature trees in the distance.

Transition Woodbridge along with assistance from the Maintenance Officer have planted the tree in the Dock Lane planter.


The Assistant Clerk provided the RWG with a quotation to upgrade two CCTV cameras which cover the car park at the Recreation Ground. It was felt a demonstration of the camera would be beneficial due to the distance the camera needs to cover and the office awaits a response from the CCTV company. The Assistant Clerk will also discuss with the Maintenance Officer the possibility of running further electrical cable to alternative locations along the perimeter of the car park.

Car Boot Sales 2024

Cllrs De Vita, Emerson and Hillier met with the Car Boot Sale organisers to discuss their concerns. A solution to reduce the cost associated with the Pavilion would be to hire it for a shorter number of hours. The organisers do not feel they can limit the number of sellers. To increase the number of sellers allowed would constitute a reversal of a resolution within 6 months. Therefore, if any changes were to be made there has to be either a special motion, which requires written notice by at least five councillors to be given to the Proper Officer in accordance with standing order 9, or by a motion moved in pursuance of the recommendation of a committee or a sub-committee. Neither of these conditions have been met therefore the original resolution still stands:

At Full Council in October last year, it was agreed that a limit of 50 sellers would be imposed on the car boot sale dates this year. It was also agreed that an amendment to the hire agreement will be made, stating that if MPC staff are contacted out of hours for anything other than an emergency, ie fire, flood, vandalism, Melton Parish Council can terminate the agreement without notice. The car boot sale organisers were made aware that they could hold five dates in 2024 and the hire of the Pavilion would be charged for full number of hours requested.

A letter from the MPC Chair stating the reasons for the restrictions and setting out the terms may be advisable.

Other Updates

The tree safety survey started w/c 5th February and is taking place over two weeks. When the full report is received it will be presented to Full Council, hopefully with costings of any works required.

The residents who look after the area of land at Hall Farm Close have installed bird boxes and hedgehog house. Hedgehogs have been seen in the garden and there is a hedgehog highway in place.

The Maintenance Officer has cleared along the Saxon Way footpath and repaired a couple of the steps in the woods.

Additional posters have been put on Waterhead Lane regarding the pump track. So far there has been no further interest from the community offering to support the project.

Councillors are asked to:

  • Note and comment on this report
  • Agree who should be responsible for forming the out of hours cover proposal
  • Agree the date for the Beresford Drive Play Area opening
  • Agree if the Chair should send a letter to the car boot sale organisers




Fliss Waters

Assistant Clerk, Melton Parish Council

February 2024