MPC(24)68 Recreation Paper

Agendas & PapersFull Council Uploaded on May 13, 2024


Recreation Report

Pavilion Update

All regular hires are continuing with their bookings until summer and the number of one-off weekend hires continues to be steady.

Due to the number of one off hires, the office will remind all hirers not to attach anything to the walls and to follow the cleaning up procedures.

The Melton Award plaque had been hung in the Pavilion.

The out of hours cover arrangements are still under review with the office exploring the options of a call minding system or the use of a designated mobile number.

Recreation Ground Update

The greenspace management company will carry out the works to dredge and extend the ditch by the zipwire as soon as the ground conditions allow.

The mobile coffee van has attended the Recreation Ground car park on Sunday 28th April, 5th and 12th May. One further trial date remains. They have reported a good trade and wish to continue beyond the trial period. This request will be discussed by the Recreation Working Group (RWG) at their next meeting.

Beresford Drive Play Park Update

The official opening of the play park took place on Saturday 4th May at 3pm. Cllr Gradwell, assisted by two students from Melton Primary School, cut the ribbon. The event was well attended, and Cllr Gradwell gave a short speech giving thanks to those who had donated to the project, the contractor Kompan and to Melton Primary school for providing feedback on the designs.

The lower half of the sign was installed prior to the opening and the UV board graphics are being finalised by the RWG.

D-Day Anniversary

The Beacon at the Recreation Ground will be lit on 6th June to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day. Cllr Stearn will light the beacon with assistance from Cllrs Gradwell, Taylor, Bann and Martin.

Cllr Bann will be organising the stewards. The car park will be closed during the day and re-opened after the event. The office will send out comms detailing the car park closure and posters will be displayed at the Recreation Ground.

Rev Paul Hambling will read the address following the lighting of the beacon at 9.15pm. A bugler from the Woodbridge Excelsior Band will be playing the Last Post. A PA system has been provisionally booked which will cost £80, which can be paid out of the ad hoc events budget.

Burkes Wood Management Plan

Following a walk around with the Clerk, Asst Clerk and the Footpath Advocate, the arboriculturist has recommend a course of action to help maintain Burkes Wood in line with the Burkes Wood Management Plan (2016). This includes the use of further dead hedging, to be carried out in winter, to stop access to certain areas of the woods. This is a huge piece of work and further volunteers will be required to assist in the creation of the hedge. It can be done in sections though. Creating a couple of corrals (3m2) from posts and chicken wire to see what grows without being attacked by deer/trampled by human activity was also recommended. The arboriculturist also suggested closing off the left-hand pathway by the big oak at the entrance of the woods and adding significant amounts of bark to the pathway to help reduce soil compaction. New pathways that have been created in recent months would also be blocked off using dead hedging and trees that are being felled as part of the Tree Safety works planned this year.

RWG discussed all the recommendations and agree work should be taken to help preserve this valuable asset. The recommendations provide long term goals in the management of the area and a focus for those involved in managing the land. A communications strategy would run alongside this work, explaining why the work is required and encouraging residents to get involved.

Wild flowers

It has been agreed that a metre wide strip of grass will be left uncut along the boundary wall of the car park at Winifred Fison to allow a wild flower area to develop.

Memorial Request

A resident would like to bequeath an amount of money in their will for a memorial at the Recreation Ground to honour a former Woodbridge Town Youth footballer who died in 1986. The request was discussed and RWG would like to recommend a tree is planted and a plaque added, with the wording for the plaque to be specified in the resident’s will.

Councillors are asked to:

  • Note and comment on this report
  • Agree the cost of the PA system for the D Day Beacon lighting

Fliss Waters

Assistant Clerk, Melton Parish Council

May 2024