MPC(24)85.07 Local Highways Matters

Agendas & PapersFull Council Uploaded on June 6, 2024


Local Highways Matters

Speed Indicator Devices
The original SID has been returned from the supplier and has been installed on Bredfield Road. A resident has taken responsibility for replacing the batteries for the next couple of months. However, one of the batteries is faulty but might be repairable at the Repair Café. If any Councillor is attending the next event they are asked if they could take it with them. The SID on Yarmouth Road has been there since March. Melton Road has not had a SID there for some time and it might be prudent to move it there for the summer.

Woods Lane
Following concerns raised by a resident I contacted the police speed camera team and they provided the following information:

We have a couple of handheld enforcement sites along this stretch of road – by the Vehicle Activated Sign and bus stop layby outside the new housing estate, and the grass verge adjacent to Woods Lane service road. We also have a handheld site just past the crossroads on Wilford Bridge Road – from the grass verge adjacent to Church View Close.

When using the handheld equipment we enforce in both directions as the device is mounted on a tripod or monopod giving us the flexibility to swing around and enforce in the either direction.

In April enforcement was carried out next to the bus stop and VAS sign, from 09:43 until 10:13, and 7 offences were recorded.

In February enforcement was carried out on the grass verge between Woods Lane and the A1152, from 09:40 until 10:10, and 2 offences were recorded.

In January enforcement was carried out next to the VAS sign and bus stop, between 10:21 and 10:51, and 5 offences were recorded.

It was due to be visited again before the end of May.

Melton Road Crossings and Traffic Regulation Order (double yellow lines)
Milestone’s lining contractor returned to Melton for a third time and installed the missing Keep Clear on Woods Lane and the yellow lines in the layby by the school. Sadly whilst they covered over some of the double yellow lines at Fayrefield Road they failed to extend it northbound so it is now just about in the right location but not the correct length. SCC are organising for the contractor to extend the line to the correct length.

Wilford Bridge Road Speed Reduction
Still awaiting costings from SCC.

Melton Road 3rd Crossing
There has been no further progress until the quotes for the Wilford Bridge Road Speed Reduction are received.

Pavement Group
Cllr Bann to give a verbal update.

Bus Stop/Shelter Improvements
Cllr Bann to give a verbal update.

Joint Parish Traffic Initiative
The next meeting with Chris Bally is scheduled for the 27th June at East Suffolk House.

Road Closure/Gas Works in Ufford
A well-attended public consultation event was held in Ufford on the 23rd May. A letter was sent by Ufford Parish Council to Cadent and SCC seeking clarity on several points.

Cadent have confirmed that they will review the plans and consider additional options, including the possibility of directional closures on some roads. This would effectively make these roads one way to avoid the issues regarding a lack of passing places.  Following the current exploratory work, they aim to have a confirmed plan of works within the next 15 working days (from 5th June).

It is their intention, subject to the necessary consents, to implement the main road closures within the school summer holiday period to reduce the impact on the wider population. It is important to note that, irrespective of the Cadent works, the local housing developer, Nest, have a commitment to conduct works which will necessitate the closure of the B1438 before mid-August. Cadent remains in consultation with Nest to ‘share’ this road closure to further reduce the impact to residents and will do all they can to ensure that the road is not closed twice.

Cadent is meeting with the local bus companies to discuss the impact of the works on established bus routes and whether alternative measures can be agreed such as Cadent covering the costs of a replacement shuttle bus.  The intention to carry out works during the summer holiday period should, they hope, mitigate some of the issues around the disruption to public transport routes/school buses.

Cadent have stated that:

Wherever it is legally possible to conduct our work without necessitating a road closure (New Road and Street Works Act 1991 [NRSWA] outlines our legal obligations), we will do so using appropriate traffic management.  However, where NRSWA requires us to put in place a total road closure, we will have no option but to comply with this.

Wherever possible, we will be working on a Monday to Saturday basis (with Sunday working only when necessary) ensuring that we balance the desire to complete our works as swiftly as possible with the need to remain respectful to local residents in terms of noisy and disruptive working during unsociable days and times.

It would not be possible to reopen roads at weekends where active engineering work remains in place in accordance with NRSWA.

The full response from Cadent can be found on the Ufford Parish Council website:

CityFibre Works
CityFibre continue carrying out works in Woodbridge and Melton. Bredfield Road will be closed in August/September. Concerns have been raised about rat running and the impact on buses. CityFibre have confirmed that the works on Melton Road taking place on the 19th to 21st June are only for Rod and Rope testing (i.e. confirming whether they can use the existing BT infrastructure) and does not involve excavation. Planned hours are only between 0930-1430hrs and outside these hours the traffic will be running as normal. CityFibre’s build partner OCU has contacted the subcontractor responsible for the works to make sure they’re aware that these works start on time and on the given dates. No traffic management will be in place for 22nd June.


Members are asked to:

  • Note and comment on this report.
  • Decide if they wish to move the SID and if anyone can take the battery to the repair café.

Pip Alder

Clerk, Melton Parish Council

June 2024