REC(21)88.01 Melton Playing Field

RecreationRecreation Agendas & Papers Uploaded on November 8, 2021


Melton Playing Field

The new shed has received some attention and has a few dents in it. I have asked Westrock to consider the best placement for the camera when the CCTV is moved at the beginning of December. Signage will be placed on the shed regarding CCTV being in operation.

The cameras on the car park had been moved so they no longer faced the car park. This was caught on CCTV and reported to the police. They visited the individual’s mother and ‘Suitable words of advice have been given with regards to his behaviour and conduct.’ Anti-climb paint could be added to the camera pole by the car park entrance if there are further issues.

After a 6 month break due to the traps being taken, Command Pest Control were re-engaged to carry out some mole control as there was a proliferation of mole hills. Some of these were quite close to the football pitches. They laid some traps and caught four moles. Two traps could not be located as the mower had dislodged the markers. There has been no further activity so Command will only come out again at our request.

Top Soil
The bund was smoothed out so it no longer looks like a series of giant mole hills. Confirmation of when it will be seeded is still being sought. The levelled areas are looking less patchy but not perfect.

Hedge work
The Tree Crew and the footpath advocate are carrying out some coppicing at Coppice Close and then using the hazel to create hedging to fill the gaps along the hedge along Melton Road. It is hoped that by closing these informal entrances to the park this will enable the hedging to grow and cover over the gaps. Where necessary additional hedging will be planted.

We are receiving a steady supply of oak chippings from the Longship project. These have been used at Hall Farm Road Sports Ground on the pathway and also on the path near the protected oak tree. This could remove the need to install boardwalks.

Temporary Toilet
I have sought quotes for a temporary toilet to be located at the playing field for use by the football club and car boot sale whilst there is no Pavilion toilet provision. The toilet would be locked at other times.

Quote 1
£50 per week plus VAT inclusive of weekly service, when the unit will be emptied, the toilet wiped down, and consumables restocked. The toilets kept in good condition, supplied with toilet rolls and fitted with hand sanitiser and cold-water sinks. Delivery/collection each way to Melton is £50 plus VAT.

Quote 2
£25 per week + VAT, delivery and collection is £20 + VAT each way, these prices include a weekly clean and are based on a four week minimum hire.

It is envisaged that the toilet would be needed for 6 months.

New Playing Field Sign
Further to the committee’s agreement to seek a design for a new noticeboard from SBD Ltd, the following concept has been received. The design would allow for a noticeboard section with a clear poly carbonate (glass like) screen in the front with notices held in place inside with magnets. It would be bolted to a concrete plinth and is approx 1.8-2m high. Budget ranges from £1-2k.


Councillors are asked to:

  • Note and comment on this report
  • Decide if they wish to hire a toilet whilst the Pavilion has been demolished and before new toilets are available and take the recommendation to Full Council for approval
  • Decide if they wish to proceed with the new sign and take to Full Council for approval



Pip Alder

Asst Clerk and Management Officer

November 2021