REC(22)18.02 Flag Policy and Calendar

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Flag Policy and Calendar

The flagpole at the Recreation Ground has stood largely empty since it was erected last year. It is proposed that there should be a calendar of events for flag flying. We currently have a union flag and an NHS Thank You flag (although it is dated 2021) and Cllr Gradwell has offered to purchase a RAF flag. A Ukrainian flag has been donated and will be flown once it arrives.

A Councillor has suggested that the spare flagpole should be erected by the Pavilion once it has been rebuilt and that a Melton flag, using the Melton sign as the logo, should be commissioned and flown outside of the dates below. It should be noted that if a second flagpole is erected duplicate flags will need to be purchased.

Occasion Date Flag In stock
International Women’s Day 8th March IWD flag No
Commonwealth Day 2nd Monday in March Union Flag Yes
HM Queen Elizabeth’s birthday 21st April Union Flag Yes
St George’s Day 23rd April St George’s flag No
Firefighters Day 4th May NFRS No
International Day Against Homophobia 17th May Pride Flag No
Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 2nd to 5th June 2022 Jubilee Flag No
Official Birthday of HM Queen Elizabeth 13th June Union Flag Yes
Suffolk Day 21st June Suffolk Flag No
Armed Forces Day 27th June Armed Forces No
NHS Day 5th July NHS Flag 2021 version
Merchant Navy Day 3rd September Red Ensign No
Battle of Britain Day 15th September RAF Ensign No (offered by Cllr Gradwell)
United Nations Day 24th October United Nations Flag No
Remembrance Sunday Nearest Sunday to 11th November Union Flag Yes
Armistice Day 11th November Union Flag Yes

 Members are asked to:

  • Note and comment on this report
  • Decide which flags they wish to fly and/or purchase
  • Decide if the spare flagpole should be erected by the Pavilion or elsewhere in the parish
  • Agree the proposed timetable of flag flying
  • Decide who is responsible for raising the flags


Pip Alder

Clerk and Executive Office, Melton Parish Council

March 2022