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RecreationRecreation Agendas & Papers Uploaded on March 10, 2022


Melton Recreation Ground

Hedge work
The Tree Crew and the footpath advocate have finished the willow fencing to plug the gaps along the hedge along Melton Road. Hedging has been planted in front of the fencing in the hope that it will grow up as the willow fencing decays over time.

Mixbrow has been appointed as the contractor to rebuild the Pavilion. The Working Group met with two Mixbrow representatives and the architect on the 7th March. The project should start w/c 21st March. The temporary access road will be made of aggregate rather than matting to save on costs. It will run between the beech hedge and the football pitches and the aggregate can either be reused to improve the path/road by the tennis courts or potentially be resold. The bench and plinth will be removed/re-sited temporarily. Due to the space available and safety concerns the access road can’t run beside the tennis courts.

Burkes Wood
Two ‘Conservation Area’ signs have been erected (see photos below). The office will liaise with the Tree Crew about creating protected areas within Burkes Wood using dead hedging and planting.

Conservation Area sign

Jubilee Oak Tree
We have received a Jubilee oak tree and plaque for the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Members are asked to agree the planting location. It was previously agreed that it should be at the Recreation Ground. The plaque will be installed/unveiled as part of the Jubilee weekend celebrations in June.

New Recreation Ground Sign
The new sign is being built and hope it will be ready later this month. The final location has not been agreed and members are asked to decide where it should be located, taking consideration of the Beacon, flagpole and ensuring it is not in the way of the Pavilion access route.

MUGA replacement
Quotes were sought some time ago for replacing the MUGA. It was never prioritised and has not progressed further. Members are invited to consider recommending to Full Council that this project is prioritised and is funded through CIL/playpot/grants.

Members are asked to:

  • Note and comment on this report
  • Agree the location of the Jubilee Oak Tree
  • Agree the location of the new Recreation Ground sign
  • Decide if they wish to prioritise replacing the MUGA and make the recommendation to Full Council



Pip Alder

Clerk and Executive Officer, Melton Parish Council

March 2022