REC(22)50.01 Tree Warden Report

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Tree Warden Report

I’ve not a great deal to report this month; but thanks for supplying the hand scythe which will help immensely with clearing bracken around oak saplings planted in the woods, many of which have taken off quite nicely.

Always prone to threats though – the Queen’s Jubilee Oak appears to have been stricken by ‘sun-scorch’ – causing the outside of leave to become brown and deadened – leaving the interior still alive and photosynthesising. Early days yet, so we will wait for the so-called Lammas flush (early August) which replenishes the tree with fresh, whole leaves.  Both tree surgeon and arboriculturist will inspect beforehand so that we will be well advised if it is anything more serious.

The small hazel plantation atop of the mound of earth stashed up at the top meadow side of the recreation ground are very well established and all flourishing.

Regarding the offer of semi-mature trees. How welcome, and lovely to commemorate the passing away of a neighbour by honouring his previous tree planting. As my contribution, I’ll remind us of the suggestion that the natural footpath alongside the stream, from Turnpike Lane area to the zip wire, already has a tree planted inline and we could extend that line to make the informal pathway tree-lined.

Martin Wilks

Tree Warden

July 2022