REC(22)80.02 Pavilion

RecreationRecreation Agendas & Papers Uploaded on November 22, 2022



It was hoped the Pavilion would have received sign off, to allow the external toilet to have been opened from Friday 18th November. Unfortunately, due to not receiving the certification and then an issue with the toilet lock the decision was taken that it had to remain closed. There has also been some surface drainage issues in the recent wet weather which is being addressed by the architect and Mixbrow. 

Once opened the external toilet will be cleaned daily. The cleaning company have been asked to take photos of the toilet over the course of a few days as well as over a weekend to highlight any issues and ascertain if a daily clean is appropriate.  

Solar lights have been installed along the tennis court fencing providing a good amount of light to those using the path after dark. 

The office has received a request for bike racks to be installed next to the Pavilion. The landscaping is due to take place around the building shortly so it may be worth deferring the consideration of this request until the Spring. However members could agree to the proposal in principle and decide on the exact location next year. 

Pavilion Kit Out
Most of the items have been purchased for the Pavilion.  

Additional chairs still need to be purchased, there are currently 20 of the black office chairs in the internal store. Members are asked to consider the option of a folding padded / non padded chair to take up less space in the store. 

A couple of chairs with arms could also be purchased as suggested by prospective hirers. 

Opening Ceremony
The official opening date for the Pavilion has been agreed for the afternoon of Saturday 25th March 2023. The Pavilion opening will be managed by the Pavilion Working Group and they would like to have at least 4 councillors available at the opening event at any one time. This could be on a rota. 

Planting around the gabions
The planting for the gabions will take place in the spring, to coincide with the planting at Winifred Fison. 

Members are asked to: 

  • Note the contents of this report 
  • Consider installing cycle racks next to the Pavilion 
  • Consider additional chair options  

Fliss Waters 

Assistant Clerk, Melton Parish Council 

November 2022