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Neighbourhood Planning Notice

The Neighbourhood Planning [General] Regulations 2012 [Article 7].

In accordance with the above Regulations, notice is hereby given that Suffolk Coastal District Council has APPROVED the neighbourhood plan for Melton.

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Road Closures

Melton Level Crossing, Wilford Bridge Road: 23:00 Sunday 1 March 2015 to 07:00 Monday 2 March 2015 for works on behalf of Network Rail.

Alternative route: A1152, A12, A1094, A1069 and vice versa.

For a diversion route:-

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Local public transport guide - September 2014

From the beginning of September there will be revised services through most of Suffolk.

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Parish Councils

MeltonParish Councils are the most local of all the various local government bodies.  The members of the Council are elected by the voters whose names appear on the electoral roll, just as district and county councillors are chosen.

Each sort of local authority has a range of responsibilities, the things that it must do, and powers, the things that it may do.  It is often difficult to see which authority is responsible for which activity.  Reference can be made to the websites for the Suffolk Coastal District Council and the Suffolk County Council for details of their functions and authority.

Parish Councils have few actual duties but they have a wide range of powers.  Melton Parish Council exercises those powers that they believe are for the benefit of the village.  The main ones are:

The Council is told about all applications for planning permission and makes comments and recommendations that are considered by the District Council, which is the planning authority.