On Thursday 7 December electors in the Parish of Melton will be asked to vote in a referendum on the Melton Neighbourhood Plan. The question will be: "Do you want Suffolk Coastal District Council to use the neighbourhood plan for Melton to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area".

The polling station will be at The Burness Parish Rooms. Hours of Polling will be from 7am to 10pm.

The Notice of Referendum will be issued on Thursday 2 November. Deadline for new applications to get on the voting register is 21 November. Postal votes are available and will be issued around 23 November.

For the official Notice of Referendum <click here>

For the official Referendum Timetable <click here>

All the Melton Neighbourhood Plan documents can be found at:

For ease of reference a copy of the Independent Inspector's final report received on 8 September 2017 can be found here <click here>

And the Referendum version of the Neighbourhood Plan can be found here <click here>



MeltonParish Councils are the most local of all the various local government bodies.  The members of the Council are elected by the voters whose names appear on the electoral roll, just as district and county councillors are chosen.

Each sort of local authority has a range of responsibilities, the things that it must do, and powers, the things that it may do.  It is often difficult to see which authority is responsible for which activity.  Reference can be made to the websites for the Suffolk Coastal District Council and the Suffolk County Council for details of their functions and authority.

Parish Councils have few actual duties but they have a wide range of powers.  Melton Parish Council exercises those powers that they believe are for the benefit of the village.  The main ones are:

The Council is told about all applications for planning permission and makes comments and recommendations that are considered by the District Council, which is the planning authority.

The full parish council meets on a Wednesday in every other month, currently in the Burness Parish Rooms, The Street IP12 1PW. The meetings are held in public and electors from the parish of Melton are warmly invited to attend. There is always an open forum item on the agenda where you can raise issues or concerns with your councillors and question them on matters of local interest.

Public notices about the meetings are posted in various locations throughout Melton including the council notice boards outside the Burness Parish Room, on Melton Road, in the Bredfield Road Bus Shelter, outside Woodbridge Primary School and on St Audry's Park Road. They are also available on this website and through the Parish Council E-NEWS service [click on E-NEWS on the left hand column of this page to sign up]

The council has several committees set up to carry out detailed work on a number of subjects; these are Finance, Employment & Risk Management, Planning & Transport and Recreation. These committees meet on a regular basis with all meetings being held in public. The venue for all committee meetings is the office of Melton Parish Council, Riverside Office, Robertson's Boatyard, Lime Kiln Quay, Woodbridge IP12 1BD. Melton residents are warmly welcome to attend any of these committee meetings. There is also an open forum at each committee meeting to enable you to ask specific questions about the work of that committee. The council also has a number of working groups where local residents are encouraged to join councillors in matters such as affordable housing, divestment and a strategy for young people.

Agendas with supporting papers for the meetings will be available at least 3 days before the meeting. Draft minutes will also be found by clicking on the link [left]. Archive minutes and archive papers from previous meetings can also be found by clicking on the archive links [left].

To view the calendar of meetings for the Parish Council's year from May 2017 to May 2018

>click here<

To view the audited accounts and annual governance statement for year ended 31 March 2017

>click here<

Annual Melton Parish Meeting 2017

The 2017 Annual Melton Parish Meeting was held on 3 May 2017 in the hall at Melton Primary School, starting at 7pm.

- Agenda <click here>

- Chairman's annual report <click here>

- Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting 2017 <click here>

- Annual report from Member of Parliament <click here>

Melton Registration Office - move to Woodbridge

On Tuesday 11 April 2017 the local office for the registration of births, marriages and deaths relocated from the former Lindos Centre in Saddlemaker's Lane, Melton, to 26a, Quayside, Woodbridge IP12 1BH. The telephone number remains - 0345 6072070.

New Village Hall Feasibility Study

Melton Parish Council has commissioned a feasibility study into the building of a village hall on the Playing Field in Melton Road from architects, Hoopers of Ipswich. A well attended public consultation meeting was held at Melton Primary School on 2 February 2017. A workshop was held on Tuesday 21 March, focusing on the facilities and design features that might be needed in a new village hall. At the moment the concept is still just a proposal. The feasibility study is not yet fully completed and further refinements to the proposals, costings and funding will be undertaken.

To view the original brief to the consultants >click here<

To view the initial proposals produced by Hoopers:

- site plan >click here<

- plans of the proposed building >click here<

- elevations of the proposed building >click here<

- artist's impression of the approach to the new building from Melton Road >click here<

- indicative costings >click here<

To see how Melton Parish Council might fund the project >click here<

All the Melton Neighbourhood Plan documents can be found at:


Sizewell C - Stage 2 public consultation

Sizewell C Stage 2 public consultation began on 23 November 2016 and ends 3 February 2017. The new station would be located to the north of Sizewell B, and would have two reactors capable of generating enough low carbon electricity to supply around 5 million homes for 60 years. As part of this consultation process there were a series of exhibitions held across the region and members of the public were invited to come along to find out more, speak to the experts, and have a say. One public exhibition was held at Ufford Park Hotel on 28 November and well attended.

Melton Parish Council has submitted its response to the Stage 2 consultation which can be found

>click here<


Road Works causing delays

A1152 Wilford Bridge Road will be subject to repairs to Wilford Bridge between 11 September and 24 November 2017. For most of that time access and passage across the bridge will be unaffected. However during part of the first week and the last week of the works, there will be lane closures and temporary traffic signals, necessary to allow the safe unloading and retrieval of machinery required for the bridge works.

There will be additional delays between 1 and 3 November 2017 due to planned works to streetlighting, with traffic control via two-way signals.

Road Closures

Planned closure of part of Woods Lane, Melton between 6 and 30 November 2017 and 8 January to 13 April 2018

Between these dates Woods Lane will be closed to all vehicles eastbound from the A12 junction to Valley Farm Road and westbound from Valley Farm Road to Bredfield Road. These closures are to facilitate the necessary infrastructure and services for the Bloor Homes development off Woods Lane, which was approved by the Planning Inspectorate in 2015. Suffolk County Council has granted permission for these closures, subject to the adherence to the time limits indicated above. The Council as Highways Authority cannot unreasonably refuse permission, as the proposed works are a necessary preliminary to the implementation of the planning consent for the housing development. Because of the extensive nature of the works, no traffic management solution other than total closure can realistically be put in place. Diversionary routes are proposed and bus companies and the emergency services have been consulted. There are separate diversionary routes for light vehicles and for HGVs. Details of these can be accessed via the digital mapping system at

To see the Closure Order and Weight Restriction Order dated 26 October 2017 (which also contains the diversion routes in narrative form) please >click here<

To see the Temporary Prohibition of Waiting Order dated 3 November 2017 >click here<

For local bus diversions due to the Woods Lane closure please >click here<

For the temporary bus timetable due to the Woods Lane closure please >click here<


Melton Level Crossing, Wilford Bridge Road:

None notified at present

Alternative route: A1152, A12, A1094, A1069 and vice versa.

For a diversion route:-

>click here<

Parking Restrictions - Car Boot Sales

For details of restrictions to be applied to Melton Road near to the entrance to the playing field on dates when car boot sales are to be held during 2017, please see the Current Events section of this Website.

Home to school transport - for the new section of the Suffolkonboard website - April 2017

>click here<

For the temporary bus timetable during the Woods Lane closure

>click here<

For local bus services changes - September 2017

>click here<

For the Guide to local public transport - Temporary summer 2017 edition

>click here<

For the Summary of Buses from Melton to Woodbridge, Ipswich & Felixstowe - Summer 2017 edition

>click here<


For Suffolk passenger Transport Map

>click here<


For data and statistics about Suffolk and its Districts:

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Support during power cuts and Winter preparedness

Please see link below for information regarding eligibility for extra support during power cuts.

Please also see the following links to Winter preparedness – Health and well being, and Weather guidance.


Better Broadband

A reminder to keep an eye on for the latest news on local broadband activity led by Suffolk County Council. This includes information about:
• When better broadband will be available in your area
• Options for people with current broadband speeds of less than 2mbps
• Consultation on reinvesting to further extend coverage

Free NHS Health Checks

Aged 40 to 74? Find out about your FREE NHS Health Check
Even though you might be feeling great, if you’re over forty you might be at risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, diabetes or dementia.
A FREE NHS Health Check can help you reduce these risks and make sure that you stay healthy. Having the health check will better prepare you for the future and will enable you to take steps to maintain and improve your health.
Why should you have an NHS Health Check?
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What will happen after the check?
The health professional will talk you through your results and explain to you what they mean, giving you personalised advice on how to lower your risk and maintain a healthy lifestyle. If the check reveals a high blood pressure or a risk of developing type 2 diabetes you might need some further blood tests to investigate this and you may also be prescribed further treatment or medication to help maintain your health.
Arrange your NHS Health Check
If you are aged 40-74 and have not had a stroke or been diagnosed with heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, kidney disease or diabetes then you are eligible for a free NHS health check.
To arrange the check please contact your registered GP practice who will be able to make an appointment for you. Alternatively, you can also contact OneLife Suffolk to arrange the check for you on 01473 718193.
Further information
OneLife Suffolk: 01473 718193

Creating an East Suffolk Council

Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Councils are considering a merger to create a new council, serving the residents and communities of east Suffolk. A summary proposal has now been published, explaining the reasons for the proposal and the process that the councils will follow.

<click here> for details

Launch of new power cut telephone line

On 6 September 2016, UK Power Networks launched a new national power cut phone line – 105 – to help people contact the company that looks after their electricity network. This would be UK Power Networks for London, the East and South East of England.

The number, which is available to electricity customers in England, Scotland and Wales, will enable people to report or get information about power cuts as well as report damage to electricity power lines and substations that could put themselves, or someone else, in danger. 105 is funded and delivered by the electricity network operators, and is a first for the UK’s energy industry. As well as calling 105, people can find more information on the website:

Police Connect

Police Connect is a messaging service connecting you to the very latest policing news for your area via e-mail, text or phone.
There is no charge for this service - all messages you receive are free.
You can register to receive information about the issues that most matter to you and be among the first to be alerted by police in the case of an emergency affecting your area.
You can choose to receive regular updates on crime and public appeals, safety advice and meetings and events. There is the option to receive information about a range of specific interest areas – such as ‘rural’ or ‘rivers and coastal’ – as well as updates for business owners and news from your Police and Crime Commissioner. The choice is yours.

Benefits of Police Connect
There are lots of advantages to knowing what is going on in your local area or areas you are interested in - such as where you work or where a vulnerable relative lives.
You can take steps to safeguard yourself and your property, you may need to change plans, or re-route, because of an incident nearby or you may even be able to help us solve a crime.
If you are a member of a ‘watch’ scheme, Police Connect information keeps you up-to-date with the latest issues. It’s also a great way of finding out about local policing events and meetings.
By receiving messages through Police Connect, you are kept in the loop.

Keeping you informed, keeping your community safe
Information from the public is a major help in the fight against crime. We need your help to make your community a safer place.
By taking a few moments to fill out a simple form, you become more informed about what's happening in your community and can become more involved in helping to prevent and reduce crime.

How to register
The simple online process takes only a couple of minutes and will ensure we have the most up-to-date contact details and preferences for you. Please find the website address below:
Any further advice then speak to the Woodbridge & District Safer Neighbourhood Team on 01473 613500. Email:

Fostering Teenagers

Do you have a spare bedroom and experience in caring for children - have you ever thought about fostering?

Suffolk County Council is urgently looking for new foster carers, in particular for teenagers. Over half of the children in care are aged 11 or over, yet fewer people come forward to offer care for them. Therefore many teenagers may not be living with Suffolk carers, and will be away from friends, school and their local community. This is where you come in!

In return, the county council provide a highly competitive payment scheme, where you can receive up to £606 per week per child. The scheme allows career opportunities as you develop as a foster carer, recognising your skills, experience and the type of fostering you are offering.

If you think you could become a foster carer, come along to an information drop-in session. For more information visit: or call: (01473) 264800.

If you're currently registered with another Fostering Provider, the county council would love to hear from you too as there are many benefits of moving to their Fostering Service. More information is available from