MPC(23)69.07 Highways Report

Agendas & PapersFull Council Uploaded on June 8, 2023



Local Highways Matters

Bredfield Road
SCC is looking at alternative options for a safer pedestrian crossing on Bredfield Road. In addition, it has been suggested that they could look at improving crossing points further down Woods Lane to reduce the volume of pedestrian traffic along Bredfield Road.

The latest response regarding Bredfield Road is below:

“To introduce a controlled crossing of Bredfield Road at the junction of Woods Lane would almost certainly required the entire junction to be signalised at huge expense, not to mention the additional delay it would cause to traffic and the tailbacks onto the A12 that would result. The same applies to a roundabout which in my view would make the junction less safer for pedestrians and cyclists and also cost a lot of money. Having a refuge means that pedestrians and cyclists have to cross in two separate stages which does not prioritise them.

The suggestion put forward was seen as a more cost-effective solution, that complies with design standards and would be subject to independent review before constructed. It is the sort of design solution that is now becoming more common and whilst this might be a ‘first’ for Melton, there are lots of places in the UK and probably Suffolk where this exists. One final alternative could be to install what is termed a ‘side road zebra crossing’ in short we would install the white blocks of paint across the road as if it were to look like a zebra crossing but not install the zig-zag markings or the flashing beacons that make it a formal crossing. This would certainly be a first for Suffolk and whilst not yet DfT approved, it does have support from Active Travel England and there is research to support that these do work, which we could then consider at other locations across the Love Woodridge and Melton project area as it develops so that there isn’t just one on its own. This would be very inexpensive to install, possibly as little as £10-£15k.”

It has been suggested that a meeting between SCC, Councillors and residents would be beneficial.

Speed Indicator Devices
The original SID is in Germany being repaired. The supplier has promised to replace our model with their nearly new demo should the repairs take too long. There will be no additional charge for the repairs. The portable SID was moved to Bredfield Road at the end of April.

Melton Road Crossings and Traffic Regulation Order (double yellow lines)
The consultation ran until the end of May. Only a handful of objections were received and there were comments of support. The officer will be writing a report recommending that the TRO is implemented and is hopeful that the lines could be painted in July. The officer is investigating what further vegetation removal can be done at the Melton Hill site, although it currently doesn’t appear to be an issue following the work that was carried out last year.

Bentwaters/Peninsula Traffic
A meeting is taking place with Chris Bally, CEO of East Suffolk and representatives from neighbouring parishes on the 14th June. Cllr Brown will provide a verbal update at the Full Council meeting.

Yarmouth Road – Pedestrian Signs
The office contacted the resident regarding vegetation removal and Ufford Park has been contacted asking if they could contribute towards the cost of the two pedestrian crossing road signs.

Planters on Dock Lane
Cllrs Nicoll and Smith-Lyte have agreed to fund the costs associated with the planter, licence and contents of the planter. The office will apply for a highways licence and once received will order a planter. Transition Woodbridge have been approached to help and the school have been asked if they would like to tend and water the tree/bulbs.

Wilford Bridge Road Speed Reduction
Bromeswell Parish Council has confirmed that they are unable to fund the speed reduction costs. I have not received a response from Cllr Reid. Cllr Nicoll has offered £1k from his Highways Locality Budget.

Saddlemaker’s Lane, Lodge Farm Lane and St Audry’s Lane – speed reduction and management
A request has been made to Highways to consider reducing the speed limit on these three roads. They think it is unlikely that they would meet the policy criteria for a speed reduction. The police speed camera safety team deployed an SDR on Saddlemaker’s Lane from the 27th April to 3rd May. There were 1,803 vehicles recorded, of which 270 were exceeding the limit ( 31mph or above), and of those 68 were at a prosecutable level (i.e. at 35mph or above). This does not meet the team’s current criteria to set up an enforcement site. As SCC’s policy is based around prosecutable speeds and accidents another approach will be required for them to consider a speed reduction. It is thought using the argument that two of the roads are Quiet Lanes may be the best tack. The Clerk is also attending a 20s Plenty for Suffolk webinar on the 22nd June which may have some useful advice.

Love Woodbridge & Melton

The team visited the office on Tuesday 6th June and gave an update on the project. There will be a series of engagement events over the summer and they will be attending the Melton Fete. There is a separate agenda item dealing with this item.

Yarmouth Road Closure

The road is now closed until the 23rd June, although it might open sooner. Station Road will be closed at the junction with The Street for the last two weeks of the works.

Bredfield Road residents say that anecdotally, the road seems a lot busier but that will be verified, or otherwise, by SID when the data is collected. The feedback from residents is that it is constant now throughout the day whereas previously, there was a large quiet patch after morning and evening rush. They ran a CSW session in the middle of the day last week and encountered 2 drivers travelling at 35mph or over but a further 8/9 doing between 31/34mph, for which Suffolk Police are not notified. The team was really surprised by how busy it was.


Members are asked to:

  • Note and comment on this report
  • Decide if a meeting should be arranged with SCC regarding Bredfield Road and agree who will attend
  • Decide if they wish to proceed with seeking a speed reduction for Lodge Farm Lane, St Audry’s Lane and Saddlemaker’s Lane

Pip Alder

Clerk, Melton Parish Council


June 2023