MPC(24)53 Melton Fete

Agendas & PapersFull Council Uploaded on April 10, 2024


The Melton Fete 2024

We continue to have a good number of volunteers to help with the planning and fete on the day.

Framlingham Bowmen and Paws of Parham have both confirmed attendance.  Framlingham Bowmen have had transport problems, hence the delay in confirming, but arrangements have been made to collect and store the equipment for them until the Saturday morning.

We will be organising the movement of tables, chairs, etc on the Friday night and storing the equipment in the Pavilion as was the case last year.  We do need better control over disbursement of equipment as a Burness table went missing last year. If anyone is prepared to act as stock controller, please let me know.

Raffle ticket sales will be less complicated this year with a single ticket costing £1.  The tickets will be larger than in previous years.  The benefit is that it will make it easier for buyers to fill in their details and it will be fewer tickets to fold.

The PA system has been booked at a cost of £200 from Kingsound.

A grant application has been submitted to enable us to buy a further two Gazebos and we have managed to source a freezer free of charge for ice and other provisions.  This is being stored at the Pavilion and will be PAT tested in due course.

We notified all sellers of the charges of £6 for a stall, to be paid up front.  Only 2 have responded to date.  I will be chasing the others shortly.

Councillors are asked to:

  • Note the report
  • Confirm if they are prepared to control the disbursement and recovery of furniture


Cllr Gradwell

10th April 2024