PLA(21)109.06 Bury Hill Bus Shelter

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Bury Hill/Bredfield Road Bus Shelter

The Perspex windows are damaged (scratched/melted etc) and there is some graffiti on the paintwork. At Full Council (21.98.01) it was agreed that a replacement shelter would be purchased and installed. However, on closer inspection the current structure is in too good a condition to remove, and the replacement is likely to suffer the same damage. Therefore some alternative solutions are proposed:

  • Paint over the graffiti, potentially using an anti-graffiti paint

Anti-graffiti coatings are preventative paints that work to stop inks, aerosols and other markings bonding to the surface. Sometimes referred to as anti-vandal paints, these anti-graffiti products can be used internally and externally on a wide range of different surfaces, including previously painted surfaces, bare surfaces, smooth surfaces like metal and plastic, porous surfaces like brick and stonework.

  • Remove the Perspex windows and then choose one of the following options:
  • Do not replace – would stop the graffiti/damage, discourage people from hanging out in there who aren’t waiting for a bus and would incur no costs. However it would provide reduced shelter to those waiting for a bus.
  • Replace with Perspex – likely to be damaged as has happened previously.
  • Replace with wood – likely to be damaged with graffiti but this is easier to paint over. You could give a designated graffiti area to encourage street art. This would provide shelter but would make the shelter quite dark and potentially increase ASB.
  • Replace with shatterproof/vandalproof glass eg Cost per 1mx1m panel c.£230. There could be a combination of wood and glass to reduce costs.

Could also consider putting in a cigarette bin to encourage people to stub out their cigarettes using that rather than the shelter:


Members are asked to decide how they wish to proceed and if they wish to delegate the purchase and installation of the agreed option to the Clerk/Assistant Clerk.

Pip Alder

Asst Clerk

18th October 2021