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RecreationRecreation Agendas & Papers Uploaded on September 13, 2021



Melton Playing Field

Play Park
The annual inspection of the playpark took place in August and the Maintenance Officer also renewed his playpark inspection qualification at the same time. Nothing was rated as higher than low risk and the Maintenance Officer and I will review the report and decide what action can be taken on the items noted. This will be reported to Recreation in November.

There was a complaint from a resident on Melton Road that there was loud music being played in the car park one evening (8-10pm). They reported it to the police and requested that we return to closing the gates overnight. On inspection of the CCTV there were no cars or evidence of people gathering in the car park at that time. It is believed that some people may have gathered at the picnic benches and listened to music.  The resident, and others along Melton Road, were advised to report any incidents to the police via 101 online, East Suffolk Council ASB team and to let the office know. No further reports have been received. The CCTV does not cover the picnic benches, but an additional camera could be installed there should Councillors feel it is required.

There was a further incident involving a group of youths by the Pavilion and a missing bag. The bag was reunited with its owner and the police have not requested to view the CCTV footage.

Top Soil
The top soil was used to level the dips and the areas re-seeded. Although there was some concern initially that it wouldn’t germinate it appears to be growing well as there has been some rain. However, it is patchy in places and the remaining soil which has been placed in heaps to form a bund has yet to be seeded. I am liaising with CGM to ensure the work is completed before payment is made. There have been a number of personnel changes in recent months which has caused some issues.

Forest School
Woodbridge Primary School will be continuing with their weekly Forest School sessions from the 15th September. The sessions will take place on Wednesday afternoons. An updated hire agreement is in place and they have been informed that the Pavilion will be demolished imminently. They have been advised to keep away from the fences of the houses on Jenners Close due to concerns from residents about soil movement.

Suffolk Babies
Now that restrictions have lifted, the post natal meet ups that took place at the playing field the group have moved to Ufford Community Centre and will no longer be using the playing field.

Tennis Courts
The courts remain popular and £1,575 has been received so far this year, which is 63% of predicted tennis hire income for the year. The weeds around the courts were sprayed as they were beginning to damage the surface.

Melton Primary School has asked if they can use the tennis courts on Monday afternoons between 3.30 and 4.30pm from the 20th September to 18th October (4 sessions) to run an afterschool tennis club. The sessions they ran in the summer term were very successful.

Lime Trees
The tree safety work including removing the epicormic growth at the base of the lime trees at the car park entrance has been completed. This has had the additional benefit of improving the sightlines when exiting the car park. However there are now gaps in the hedge. Both the tree surgeon and arboriculturist, who carried out the tree safety assessment, have indicated that the lime trees are potentially nearing their end of life and consideration should be made to how they should be managed and potentially replaced. I am awaiting some planting recommendations from the Tree Surgeon and will liaise with the maintenance officer in the meantime to temporarily fence off the gaps.

Councillors are asked to:

  • Note and comment on this report.
  • Decide if they wish to install further CCTV near the picnic benches
  • Decide if they are happy for the school to use the tennis courts and if so what charge should be levied

Pip Alder

Asst Clerk and Management Officer

9th September 2021