REC(21)73.04 Saxon Way Footpath

RecreationRecreation Agendas & Papers Uploaded on September 9, 2021


Saxon Way Footpath

A resident contacted the office asking if work could be carried out to repair the steps along the footpath behind Saxon Way that the Council now owns. The steps up the slope have rotted and fallen away. The bottom step in the photo has been removed by the Maintenance Officer as it was more of a hazard than a help. There are a number of tree roots across the pathway. It is too big a task for the Maintenance Officer to complete on his own so it would either require assistance to be provided or engage a contractor to undertake the work.

Councillors are asked to:

  • Decide if they wish to carry out repairs to the steps and if so, how they wish to proceed.

Pip Alder

Asst Clerk and Management Officer

6th September 2021