Foxhall Recycling Centre Improvements Consultation

Suffolk County Council is proposing to expand and improve Foxhall Recycling Centre.  This will also involve highway improvements to the site entrance.  The benefits of this scheme will be to:

  • Remove the need for queuing on the highway
  • Provide an improved space and layout for easier access
  • Improve accessibility and increase capacity by eliminating the need for site users to climb steps to access containers
  • Improve the Re-use Centre space
  • Introduce greater separation between public vehicles and larger vehicles

Suffolk County Council anticipate that a planning application for this proposed development will be submitted by end of July 2020. In advance of this information is available on the website to allow you to view the plans for the proposed redevelopment and provide any comments you may have.

The consultation runs until Monday 20 July 2020. To submit comments or queries, please email us at