Sunflower Community Care Farm

The Sunflower Community Care Farm in Capel St Andrew has re-opened. The farm specialises in providing health, social and educational care services for a range of vulnerable people – both adults and children. The farm opened its gates with all the social distancing and safety procedures in place to allow clients to come back onto the farm.

Love the outdoors, but feeling the effects of isolation due to lockdown? The Care Farm is starting a Countrymen UK club, where you can enjoy the countryside, be active on the farm, chat and share your interests with others.

If you know a man who might benefit from joining our Countrymen UK club then please get in touch.

Phone: 07884 312170

Neepawa Cottage,
Ely Hill,
Capel St Andrew,
IP12 3NH

The Sunflower Community Care Farm is part of the Countrymen UK Network, a registered charity, number 1184921