MPC(23)M05 Minutes of Full Council from 14th June 2023

Full CouncilMinutes Uploaded on June 26, 2023


Minutes of the meeting of Melton Parish Council held on Wednesday 14th June 2023, commencing at 7pm, at the Melton Parish Council offices, 17 Riduna Park, Station Road, Melton, IP12 1QT.


Cllr Gradwell (Chair)

Cllr Bann

Cllr Bourne

Cllr Brown

Cllr Corston

Cllr Crawford

Cllr Darby

Cllr Holmes

Cllr James

Cllr Stearn

Cllr Taylor


Cllr Banks

Cllr Martin

Cllr Packard

In Attendance:

P Alder Clerk and Executive Officer to Melton Parish Council

F Waters Assistant Clerk to Melton Parish Council

Cllr Nicoll, County Councillor

Cllr Smith-Lyte, District Councillor

Melton Footpath Advocate

3 members of the public

Agenda – Part 1/1 – Open to the Public

Item No         Item to be discussed

23.64              To receive apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Councillors Banks, Martin and Packard.

23.65              Declarations of Interest

23.65.01           To receive Declarations of Interest in Respect of Items on the Agenda

There were none.

23.65.02           To consider any applications for dispensations

There were none.

23.66              Public Participation Session          

23.66.01           To receive a Report from the District Councillor

A verbal report was received at the meeting and a written report was subsequently received. She was excited to be on the ‘winning team’ and explained the new ‘rainbow’ coalition at East Suffolk Council. The issue of air pollution, specifically at the Melton crossroads, was raised and the Clerk will contact Suffolk County Council regarding monitoring. Cllr Smith-Lyte explained that she had carried out monitoring in the past but was uncertain about the accuracy of the results. The Local Plan is being reviewed and public transport is being thought about. At this point it was agreed to receive an update from Cllr Brown regarding the meeting with Chris Bally, CEO of ESC (item 23.69.07). Cllr Brown explained that a group of representatives from local parish councils met with Chris and Nick Khan (Strategic Director) to discuss the issue of traffic, especially in relation to the expansion of Bentwaters and planned developments. There is a feeling that nothing is joined up and the infrastructure cannot cope. Bentwaters might be subject to more scrutiny now the new East Suffolk Council in place. Tunstall corner and Melton crossroad issues were raised and it is acknowledged by SCC that money needs to be spent on the crossroads. Cllr Bann asked about the feasibility of a new link road from the peninsula but it was explained this would only be a reality if it was funded by very large developments. Chris Bally will take away the points raised and a further meeting will be held.

23.66.02           To receive a report from the County Councillor

Cllr Nicoll reported that he has been involved with Highways matters in Ufford, Melton and the Peninsula. The Council expressed their thanks for his support.

23.66.03           To consider village matters raised by Members of the Public or Councillors

Cllr Stearn raised concerns about the uncut verges and how they had become unsightly, however some are now beginning to be cut. The Clerk informed the Council that the Tour of Britain is due to come through Melton on the 7th September 2023. Cllr Bann offered to contact the bike shop in Melton to ascertain if they were interested in getting involved. The Clerk will also speak to the Council’s cycling advocate.

Cllr James reported that water sampling of the Deben had been carried out for over a year now although not much sampling was happening at present but that they will be sampling for nitrates and phosphates. Anglian Water has got involved and will be installing disinfectant treatment on outflow pipes. It was suggested that an article should be written for the next Melton Messenger.

A member of the public was present to discuss a Tree Preservation Order so it was RESOLVED to take the following item out of order on the agenda.

23.70.01           Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)

DC/23/1941/TPO Saxons Reach

The resident raised concerns about this application to remove three trees to create a new access road and that the land had been turned into a vehicle repair workshop. The resident’s objection was circulated to Councillors and can be found on the ESC planning portal. After discussion Councillors resolved unanimously to object to this TPO application and ask that permission to fell the trees is not granted.

It was RESOLVED to revert to the original order on the agenda.

23.67              To consider co-option to the Council in respect of applications received for the vacancy

The individual who had expressed an interest in standing for co-option was not in attendance so no co-option took place.

23.68              To approve the Minutes of Full Council

23.68.01           Minutes of Full Council from 10th May 2023 – MPC(23)M04

Subject to a minor change to item 23.53.07 (change from 1 abstention and 2 objections to 2 abstentions and 1 objection) it was RESOLVED that minutes MPC(23)M04 previously distributed, be received, noted and signed as a correct record by the Chair.

Proposed by: Cllr Darby                Seconded by: Cllr Taylor

23.69              Planning & Transport – Chair of P&T to lead assisted by the Clerk

23.69.01           Planning Applications – to review new applications received

DC/23/1782/ADN Land At Junction Of Melton Hill And Old Maltings Approach

After discussion it was RESOLVED to OBJECT to the application on the grounds that the sign is unnecessarily large and obtrusive for the site but that a smaller sign would be more appropriate.

Proposed by: Cllr James               Seconded by: Cllr Bourne

DC/23/1852/FUL The Hermitage

After discussion it was RESOLVED to make NO COMMENT on this application.

Proposed by: Cllr Corston             Seconded by: Cllr James

DC/23/2042/FUL 1 The Brooks

Since receiving the application the address has been altered to 1 and 3 Deben Meadows. Cllr Bourne chose not to participate in the discussion or any vote. After discussion it was RESOLVED to continue to OBJECT on the grounds of lack of parking and delivery access.

Proposed by: Cllr Crawford           Seconded by: Cllr Taylor

23.69.02           Planning Applications – update on any existing Planning Applications
DC/22/4775/FUL – Land South Of Primary School And East Of The Street Eyke

The Clerk reported that there was no update on this application.

DC/20/1831/OUT – Land Off St Andrews Place and Waterhead Lane

The Clerk reported that there was no update on this application. It was raised that it looks like some land clearance has taken place.

23.69.03           Public Consultations

There were none

23.69.04           Planning Notices – review Planning Notices received

The developers of the self-build houses application on Woods Lane, that was refused by ESC and dismissed on appeal by the Planning Inspectorate, are intending to submit a new application in the next few months. They have requested to meet with the Parish Council. A meeting will be arranged with Councillors who expressed an interest (Cllrs Gradwell, Corston, Darby, Bann, James, Stearn and Brown).

23.69.05           Planning Appeals – review position on existing Planning Appeals

23.69.06           Planning Enforcement

ENF/23/0027/COND – Deben Meadows (DC/23/0120/DRC)

The Clerk reported there was no update on the enforcement matters. With regards to outstanding CIL payments there have been several legal exchanges and ESC is awaiting a response (expected imminently) about proposed payments, otherwise it then proceeds to Magistrates Court.

ENF/21/0086/DEV – Bye Engineering

The Clerk reported there was no update.

23.69.07           Local Highways Matters – Paper MPC(23)69.07 and verbal report from Cllr Brown

Paper MPC(23)69.07 previously distributed was received and discussed. Thanks were expressed to the office for all the work carried out in persevering with these matters.

It was RESOLVED to seek a meeting with SCC regarding Bredfield Road and it was suggested that John Clements, Head of Operational Highways, should also attend. The Clerk will facilitate a meeting with interested councillors (Bann, Brown, Gradwell, Corston, Stearn and James and Cllr Smith-Lyte) and residents of Bredfield Road. It was suggested that the proposed costs of a signalised junction should be probed at this meeting.

After discussion it was RESOLVED to seek a reduction of the speed limit of Saddlemaker’s Lane, St Audry’s Lane and Lodge Farm Lane to 30mph with SCC. It was felt that 20mph would not be achievable or enforceable. It was suggested that siting an ANPR camera at the top of Saddlemaker’s Lane to embed change of behaviour and compliance would be desirable.

Proposed by: Cllr Corston             Seconded by: Cllr Bann

23.69.08           Love Woodbridge and Melton – update and appointment of Councillor to Project Board

It was RESOLVED that Cllr Bann would be appointed to the project board of Love Woodbridge & Melton and will be the point of contact reporting back to the Planning & Transport Working Group and Full Council.

Proposed by: Cllr Gradwell            Seconded by: Cllr James

23.69.09           East Suffolk Planning Alliance

Cllr Brown reported that there was no update.

23.69.10           Transport East – Call for Evidence

Cllr Brown agreed to respond on the Council’s behalf.

23.69.11           Rural Transport Survey

Cllr Brown agreed to respond on the Council’s behalf.

23.70              Recreation – Chair of Recreation to lead assisted by the Assistant Clerk

Paper MPC(23)70 previously distributed was received and discussed. It was RESOLVED to appoint company 1 to test the floodlights at the Recreation Ground.

There was a lengthy discussion regarding the request for St Andrew’s Church to hold their family BBQ at the Jubilee Green. There were concerns about the lack of facilities, the fire risk that it posed and the precedent it would set considering the sign clearly states no fires or BBQs. It was RESOLVED to agree that no BBQ could be held on the Jubilee Green but they could hold a picnic there instead or alternatively they could hire the Pavilion and any BBQ would have to be on the hard standing using a gas BBQ only and subject to risk assessments being undertaken.

Proposed by: Cllr Gradwell            Seconded by: Cllr Brown

It was RESOLVED that a request for a TPO for the trees along Waterhead Lane should be made to ESC. The Tree Warden will be asked to identify any significant trees. Cllr Bann was absent during this discussion.

Proposed by: Cllr Gradwell            Seconded by: Cllr Corston

A resident has requested a dog poo bin at the entrance to Love Lane from Pytches Road. The cost for a bin is around £300 and emptying costs are potentially £1.10 per empty (although if on ESC land then ESC picks up the cost). East Suffolk Services are doing a site visit to check if it is a feasible location. It was RESOLVED that if considered feasible a bin should be purchased and incur emptying costs if necessary.

Proposed by: Cllr Brown               Seconded by: Cllr Stearn

23.71              To consider, approve and adopt the Annual Accounting Statements and other Financial Reports for 2022/23

23.71.01           To receive and consider the Internal Audit Report

Papers MPC(23)71.01 and MPC(23)71.01a previously distributed were discussed. Thanks were expressed to the office for the outstanding internal audit. It was NOTED that FERM has been tasked with looking at ways to mitigate the risks identified in the audit in relation to sums held in excess of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Neither the summary report that goes to the external auditor nor the detailed report accompanying it disclosed any matters of concern.

23.71.02           To receive, consider and approve by resolution the Statutory Accounting Statements for 2022/23

Paper MPC(23)71.02 previously distributed was received. Following consideration of the Statutory Accounting Statements for 2022/23 Full Council RESOLVED to approve them and authorised the Chair to sign them accordingly.

23.71.03           To consider the statement of Variances

Papers MPC(23)71.03 and MPC(23)71.03a previously distributed were received. Councillors appreciated the level of detail contained in the explanation of variances. It was AGREED to NOTE the contents of these papers which is required to be submitted to the external auditor.

23.71.04           Arrangements for submission of the Statutory Annual Governance and Accountability Return for 2022/23 and for the exercise of public rights

The Clerk reported that the submission of the AGAR for 2022/23 must be done by 1 July, and that following the approval of the Accounting Statements at the present meeting everything is in place for that to happen. The period for the exercise of public rights will commence on 3rd July and end on 11th August 2023. Prior to 1 July the Council will publish the Internal Audit report, the Annual Governance Statement, the Accounting Statements together with the details of the arrangement for the exercise of public rights.

23.72              To consider Financial and Internal Control Matters – Clerk to report and advice to Council from Deputy Chair of FERM

23.72.01           To receive the financial management and budget reports for the period 1 April to 31 May 2023

Papers MPC(23)72.01 and MPC(23)72.01a-g previously distributed were received and NOTED. The bank statements were checked and signed by the chair as accurate against the financial statements.

23.72.02           To consider the annual review of Risk Management arrangements

Paper MPC(23)72.02 previously distributed was received. The purpose of the paper was to demonstrate a culture of positive risk management across the Council, rather than evidence management of specific risks. It was RESOLVED to confirm the current approach to the management of risk across the Council.

23.72.03           To confirm a small amendment to the Council’s Standing Orders and Financial Regs

Paper MPC(23)72.03 previously distributed was received and it was RESOLVED to accept the small change to the Standing Orders and Financial Regs in relation to the procurement threshold increase from £25k to £30k.

23.72.04           To consider any changes to the Terms of Reference for Working Groups

FERM have reviewed their Terms of Reference and an amendment relating to the Projects section will be brought to Full Council in July. The Recreation and Planning & Transport Working Groups will be reviewing their terms before the July meeting.

23.72.05           To consider risk issues –

The Risk Register was considered and the following updates were made:

ASB – should be on all land/property owned by Melton Parish Council and include a note in the management section to ask residents to report any ASB to the police. Cllr Crawford offered to connect with the Safer Neighbourhood Team. The Financial Risk item will be updated to reflect the FSCS risk identified by the internal audit and FERM’s planned mitigation activity. The Staffing Risk needs to note that an effectiveness review is required and the Governance and Accountability risk can now be removed because the Council has the General Power of Competence.

23.72.06           Councillor Training

The Chair reported that she had met with the CEO of SALC and they are looking at organising some group training. Cllr Crawford has agreed to look at organising this for the winter months.

23.73              Melton Fete

Cllrs Darby and Gradwell reported that plans for the fete were coming on well with only three weeks to go. There is a full arena programme and lots of stalls. It was proposed and AGREED that the profits from the Bar, BBQ and raffle will be used to fund the bike pump track at the Recreation Ground.

Proposed by: Cllr Gradwell                        Seconded by: Cllr James

23.74              Sizewell C

The Clerk reported that the SZC Community Engagement Team would like to meet with Councillors in the Autumn. The Clerk will facilitate a meeting.

23.75              To receive and consider reports from Representatives to Outside Bodies

23.75.01           Burness Parish Room Management Committee – no news to report

23.75.02           Melton Trust – no update as Cllr Martin was absent

23.75.03           Melton Primary School – Clerk reported that their fete is on the 30th June, they will be attending the Melton fete and interviews are taking place for staff vacancies.

23.75.04           Melton Messenger – Cllr Brown reported that there had been a loss of 2.5 pages of adverts and they were assessing the financial impact.

23.75.05           Suffolk Association of Local Councils (SALC) The Chair has met with the CEO to discuss training, information and access to the SALC portal for Councillors.

23.75.06           Suffolk Disability Forum – nothing to report

23.75.07           Melton, Woodbridge and Deben Community Partnership – no update as Cllr Packard was absent

23.75.08           Woodbridge and Melton Society – Cllr Bann reported that he attended their meeting where items discussed included the future of the Shire Hall, blue plaque in Melton, tree preservation in conservation areas and Mini Holland. The name change to include Melton has been agreed and there will be an article on Melton in their next publication. The Society had also asked for a Councillor to attend one of their meetings to talk about the Neighbourhood Plan to which Cllr Brown agreed to attend.

23.76              To consider Items for the Melton Messenger

July’s copy has been written (subject to including reference to the Pavilion defibrillator). Peter will supply some copy for the September issue regarding water sampling.

23.77              Chair’s urgent business

Suffolk Community Awards – The Chair feels that the Council should apply for several categories and asked Councillors to respond with their ideas and thoughts on the matter.

23.78              Date of next meeting

The next meeting of Full Council will take place on Wednesday 19th July 2023, commencing at 7pm at 17 Riduna Park, Station Road, Melton IP12 1QT. Cllr Darby gave her apologies in advance. There being no further business the meeting closed at 21:40.