REC(22)A04 Agenda for Recreation Meeting on 6th July 2022

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Recreation Committee

Meeting Agenda – REC (22)A04

6th July 2022


To members of Melton Parish Council Recreation Committee:


Dear Councillor,

You are summoned to attend an ordinary meeting of the Parish Council Recreation Committee to be held at the Melton Parish Council offices, 17 Riduna Park, Station Road, Melton, IP12 1QT.

Pip Alder

Clerk and Executive Officer, Melton Parish Council

29th June 2022

“The Committee shall consider the environmental impacts of all the decisions which it makes in accordance with these terms of reference.”

Part 1/1 – Open to the Public

Item No               Item to be discussed

22.43                   To receive apologies for absence

22.44                   Declarations of Interest

22.44.01              To receive Amendments to the Register

22.44.02               To receive Declarations of Pecuniary Interest in Respect of Items on the Agenda

22.44.03               To receive Declarations of Non-Pecuniary Interest in Respect of Items on the Agenda

22.44.04              To consider Full/Partial Dispensations for Pecuniary Interests Declared

22.45                   Open Forum for Members of the Public to talk to Councillors

22.46                   To approve the draft minutes of the previous meeting

Meeting held on 18th May 2022 (REC (22)M03) previously distributed).

22.47                   Recreation Ground

22.47.01               Recreation Ground report

To receive a report on the Recreation Ground since the previous meeting (REC(22)47.01). Clerk to report

22.47.02                Pavilion

To receive an update on the project and to agree Hire Agreement and Charges (REC(22)47.02) Clerk to report

22.47.03               Recreation Ground Play Park

To receive a report on the Play Park (REC(22)47.03). Clerk to report

22.48                   Hall Farm Road

To receive a report on the work carried out to date and future developments including an information board. (REC(22)48) Clerk to report

22.49                   Beresford Drive

To receive a report on the play area (REC(22)49). Clerk to report

22.50                   Woodland and Trees

22.50.01                     Tree Warden Report

To receive a report from the Tree Warden (REC(22)50.01)

22.50.02                TPO Applications

DC/22/2373/TPO 12 Norman Close

22.50.03                Tree Works

To receive an update on the Tree Safety Survey taking place in late Summer. Clerk to report

22.51                   Maintenance Officer

To receive a verbal report on the work of the Maintenance Officer. Clerk to report.

22.52                   Recreation Budget Update

To receive an update on the Recreation budget REC(22)52

22.53                   Melton Primary School Project

To discuss the presentation by Melton Primary School children. Clerk to report.

22.54                   Anti-Social Behaviour

To receive a report on the ASB meetings. Cllr Gradwell to report.

22.55                   Committee Chair’s Urgent Business

To receive a report on urgent business not otherwise on the agenda

22.56                   To agree items for inclusion in the Melton Messenger/In Touch

22.57                   Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will take place on Wednesday 14th September 2022 commencing at 19:00 at the Melton Parish Council offices.

Please note that meetings may be filmed, photographed, recorded or reported about.

Outstanding Actions from Previous Meetings

Minute Item

22.05.01 Monitor the boggy area near the play park

22.05.01 Keep an eye out for grants available for resurfacing the tennis courts – look at resurfacing in 3-5 years

22.09.02 and 22.23 Clerk to contact Cllr Nicoll regarding locality budget for Footpath 22 – move to FY22/23

22.18.01 Bring MUGA project to Recreation meeting in September 2022