Community Scattered Orchards

Transition Woodbridge is still on the look out for any appropriate sites for more community orchards. If you know of any locations that you think would benefit from blossom in spring and free fruit in autumn please get in touch.

An orchard is a long-term asset to Woodbridge and Melton. With good annual maintenance an orchard lasts for decades. In the longer term, it forms part of a larger network of community-run orchards and biodiverse spaces across Woodbridge and Melton that produce food. Each open space offers a different experience or opportunity to learn new skills. With various food-focused events throughout the year such as Apple Day, outdoor plays or picnics, pruning and preserving courses, the orchard forms a new focal point where residents can come together. We will soon be planting 12 fruit trees in Hall Farm Road and St Andrew’s Place.

Can you help with watering? One of the biggest problems is watering during the summer months so if you would like to help please get in touch.

Find out more and how to get involved at the Community Orchards website.

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