Woodbridge Climate Summit – 15th-16th February

Woodbridge Town Council has declared a climate emergency in recognition of the severity and urgency of the climate crisis. We know that the time for talking is over, and we must take action if we are to prevent the worst effects of climate change, and ensure climate justice. This crisis is too urgent to wait for governments and others to get round to doing something about it. But we can’t do it on our own – it is time to come together to take practical steps to curb greenhouse gas emissions and support wildlife.

Woodbridge Climate Summit takes place over a two-day weekend on 15 and 16 February, at the Woodbridge Community Hall. It is open to the all and admission is free.

Saturday – 2pm-5.30pm – a focus on ‘green veining’ the town, linking up all the town’s open green spaces to encourage insect, bird and vegetation corridors through which they can spread. The first session will look at Town Council owned spaces, highlighting the ‘wilding’ of Elmhurst Park by turning it into more of a natural habitat with meadowland and replanting with perennial flowers that will help promote biodiversity and support other wildlife. The session will include YOUR SUGGESTIONS for areas around Woodbridge to include in the wider town plan. The second session will be provided by Transition Woodbridge, who will be launching their Local Wildlife Corridors programme, which will help residents to turn their back gardens into nature reserves, which together will bolster and multiply the green corridors across the town.

Sunday – 11am – 5.30pm – addressing the key elements of the climate emergency, detailing the projects planned by the town council for the next three years. Speakers include scientists, artists, farmers, and experts in transport, energy and biodiversity.

This is just the starting point for Woodbridge, but we hope that you will join us to help us make a difference where we live.

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