Proposed Judicial review in respect of Development proposals for the former Suffolk Coastal District Council Offices

On 2nd July 2019 a Planning Application was made for the redevelopment of this site by the developer who holds a conditional contract to purchase the site from the Council. The application reference is DC/19/2641/FUL.

This is the third Application by the same developer. The first Application was consented but withdrawn by the developer shortly before consent was issued. The second was refused on the basis that it proposed insufficient Affordable Housing and is the subject of an appeal by the developer, yet to be determined.

This third Application proposed 100 residential units and, despite hundreds of objections from local people and Consultees, East Suffolk Council issued consent for the scheme, subject to conditions, on 29th November 2019.

It is believed, however, that the grant of this Consent was, for a number of reasons, unlawful. An Application has therefore been made to the High Court seeking permission to apply for a Judicial Review and requesting that this review determines that the Permission should be quashed.

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