Appeal from Melton Primary School for internet enabled devices

Message from the headteacher of Melton Primary School:

In this period of school closure for most children, teachers are working hard to provide remote learning for all the pupils that are learning from home. Frustratingly, we have been let down by the Department of Education once again who are still not providing us with laptops for families who don’t have these resources at home.

As I am unsure how long ‘over the coming weeks’ will be, I am now putting out a plea to the Melton Community. If anyone has any internet enabled devices no longer being used that can be offered to the school, we would be extremely grateful. We will then make these available for families to use.

If you can help, please contact the school office on 01394 382506 or by email at  In the interests of GDPR the devices would need to be cleared of all data.

Many thanks

Alun Davies
Melton Primary School