Melton Road Crossings Consultation

Melton Parish Council has carried out several consultations with Melton residents on how money received from Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) should be spent. The request for road crossings along Melton Road, to enable safer passage across the road and to help reduce speeding, has received much public support. We hope to have two crossing points installed.

Details of the two proposed crossings can be found at 

If you have any questions or feedback about these proposed crossings please contact the Parish office before the 15th March 2021

A12 Improvements Consultation

The public consultation about the A12 improvements (A14 Seven Hills to A1152 Woods Lane) is running until the 19th March 2021. The works proposed by the A12 Scheme will help to support economic and housing growth and create a better environment for walking/cycling and support an increase in the use of public transport.

The Scheme will enhance highway capacity at eight junctions on the A12, between the A14 Seven Hills and the A1152 Woods Lane. It will also provide a new section of dual carriageway (between the B1438 and B1079 junctions at Woodbridge) and improve walking/cycling and public transport facilities.

Proposed pedestrian and cycle improvements in the Woodbridge area section include:

  • Over 1km of new segregated pedestrian / cycle path on the east side of the A12 between Seckford Hall Road and B1079 Grundisburgh Road.
  • One of the following two options to link the new segregated pedestrian /cycle path on the east side of the A12 to Top Street:
    • A new pedestrian / cycle footbridge over the B1438 Ipswich Road, just east of Junction F, the A12 / B1438 junction. This option would include a pedestrian /cycle facility via Woodbridge Town Football Club to link to Seckford Hall Road, and a pedestrian / cycle facility from the B1438 Ipswich Road to link to Top Street.
    • An improved pedestrian / cycle route from Old Barrack Road (Woodbridge) to Top Street (Martlesham) via Sandy Lane, this would be achieved by closing a section of Sandy Lane to vehicles, this option would include a controlled crossing on B1438 Ipswich Road. Access to properties off Sandy Lane would be maintained.
  • A new controlled pedestrian / cycle crossing across the A12 at Seckford Hall Road, north of Junction F, the A12 / B1438 junction
  • A new controlled pedestrian / cycle crossing across the B1079 Grundisburgh Road, just east of Junction G, the A12 / B1079 Grundisburgh Road junction
  • A new controlled pedestrian / cycle crossing across the A12, just south of Junction G, the A12 / B1079 Grundisburgh Road junction
  • A new controlled pedestrian / cycle crossing across the A12, just north of Junction H, the A12 / A1152 Woods Lane junction
  • A new segregated pedestrian / cycle path from Woods Lane to the new crossing above.

Find out more at 

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Woodbridge River Path partially closed 13th -14th July

The footpath running along the river from near the Deben sailing club towards Kyson point will be closed to allow for emergency footway repairs to be carried out. Map showing closed footpath

Start date for closure: 13/07/2020

Finish date for closure: 14/07/2020

Alternative route: There is none available.

Enquiries regarding this closure should be made to the following:

Applicant: Suffolk Highways

Contact name: Mick Beales

Telephone no: 01728 652421


Address. Halesworth Service Delivery Centre, Blyth Road, Halesworth, Suffolk.

Change to 71 bus timetable from 6th April

From the 6th April the 71 bus will depart from Orford at 07:00, 10 minutes earlier than the current timetable, in order to reach the final destination on time. The full timetable can be seen on the traveline website. The stopping times in Melton and final arrival time in Martlesham are not changing:

07:42 Melton, adj Railway Station
07:43 Melton, opp Church View Close
07:44 Melton, o/s Coach And Horses
07:45 Melton, opp Jenners Close
07:47 Woodbridge, adj Council Offices
07:49 Woodbridge, Turban Centre (S-bound)
08:00 Martlesham, Martlesham Park and Ride