Melton Parish Council Car Park near Winifred Fison House

The work to the informal car parking area near Winifred Fison House, opposite the car park owned by East Suffolk District Council, is due to be finished by Saturday 1st October. It might not be operational until the following week though. This piece of land was divested to Melton Parish Council from East Suffolk in 2021. The Parish Council agreed to create a formal parking area using Community Infrastructure Levy funds to provide a much needed amenity for the village.

We would like to reassure residents that there are no plans to introduce parking charges. However if East Suffolk introduces parking charges for their car park we are obliged to also introduce the same parking charges.

Car park near Winifred Fison House

We hope that the provision of better parking facilities will be of benefit to residents and visitors. Further landscaping, planting and installation of a bike rack are also planned.