Fly Tipping of Garden Waste

Melton Parish Council is aware that garden waste is being deposited on land owned by the council. We would like to remind residents that the unauthorised disposal of garden waste on someone else’s land is fly tipping and therefore is a criminal offence.

Garden waste can smother and destroy the underlying native vegetation, which provides important food and nectar for local insects and animals. Some garden plants are also very invasive and can take root, spreading rapidly and outcompeting the native vegetation. There is also a risk of spreading disease if the dumped vegetation is infected. In addition, it is unsightly, can pose a fire risk, attracts other fly-tipping and clearing it away incurs additional costs for the council.

We kindly ask that you do not dispose of your garden waste on our land and instead choose to compost, place it in your garden waste bin or dispose of it at a Suffolk Household Recycling Centre eg Foxhall Road.

Fly tipping can be reported via East Suffolk Council.