Melton Messenger – A note from Alan – October 2022

Melton Parish Council – A Note from the Chair – Alan Porter

The Queen

Like so many of us, the passing of the Queen marks the end of an era.  For my part I would say that she has been the Queen throughout the entire 69 years of my existence. A rock of stability and consistency through good times and bad who always gave confidence that our country would continue into the future as it had come from the past.  Our first reaction was to get the Union Flag hoisted at half-mast in the Recreation Ground and a tribute on the website.  I know she came to Ipswich but I can’t recall seeing her in this area.  She is an example of dedication to service which we can all draw strength and encouragement from.  A lovely picture of her used to hang in the SCDC chamber; it was a picture from many years ago but showed such poise and elegance. I always admired that picture.  I noted at the Rose Melton Hill exhibition that the picture had gone.  I do hope ESC have it somewhere.

Union Jack flying at half mast
In Melton Recreation Ground the Union Flag flies at half-mast on a windless Friday 9th September in honour of the Queen. It was raised for the King’s proclamation on Saturday and returned to half-mast on the Sunday.

Mini Holland Scheme

Suffolk County Council in partnership with East Suffolk Council, Woodbridge Town Council and Melton Parish Council want to create people friendly streets in Woodbridge and Melton for everyone to enjoy.  Whether you are walking, cycling, scooting or sitting down to enjoy the surroundings, the councils want to give everyone the opportunity to love the outside more with cleaner, prettier and better-connected streets in Woodbridge and Melton.
The project follows the announcement back in March that Suffolk County Council has been awarded £80,000 from the Department for Transport to complete a detailed feasibility study on introducing a ‘Mini-Holland’ system to improve the walking and cycling infrastructure and public spaces in Woodbridge and Melton. If the study is a success, the government would provide significant funding for the project to be delivered.
Studies have shown that people who get out and about regularly to enjoy the outside
experience better health and wellbeing. Similar projects throughout the country have seen local communities and businesses thrive because it has made areas much more accessible and inviting for people.
The project recognises that private vehicles, public transport and commercial vehicles are still needed for longer journeys and deliveries. Its aim is about creating a holistic approach for all modes of transport in Woodbridge and Melton.  We shall be heavily involved with the consultation process and await more detailed proposals.

Grant Giving 2022

Melton Parish Council gives small grants to local organisations each year. We have a small fund available this year and invite organisations in Melton, or those that provide a service to the residents of Melton, to apply. You can find further information and how to apply on the website: The closing date is the 31st October 2022.

Quiet Lanes

We are pleased to report that after years of work behind the scenes by MPC; the designation of Lodge Farm Lane and St Audry’s Road as “Quiet Lanes” is proceeding and signage will shortly be put in place. The aim is to alert all users that these roads are shared spaces where pedestrians, cyclists and horse-riders will be found alongside cars and agricultural vehicles. It encourages road users to slow down, be careful and respectful to other users, because you just do not know what to expect when you go round that next bend. Some will say many will just ignore those warnings and that may be so. There are some people who will ignore any warning sign on any road; nonetheless, most people will take note and act accordingly. If as a result of this work we avoid even one accident it will have been worthwhile.  Things like this take so long but with a determined bunch of people you win in the end!

The Pavilion

Just as we thought we were almost there a few snags have emerged.  The most significant is that the fire brigade want us to create an emergency access road to the Pavilion.  We looked at various options and we have agreed that we will widen the tarmac pathway by the tennis courts.  We don’t know how long this will take at the time of writing, so the pavilion opening date is yet to be set.  Until this is in place we can’t use the building. There are always snags to be addressed in a build of this nature so we just have to get them dealt with.  Hopefully details about the opening  will be in the next issue of the Melton Messenger but in the meantime check the website, noticeboards or sign up for the Parish Council e-newsletter (details on the MPC website).


Interior of Pavilion community space with chairs arranged in a circle.
A view of the main area inside the Pavilion. It is a useful space suitable for a lot of activities. When the photo was taken there is still a lot to be done. The floor is now laid and the aircon/heating unit boxed in

Parking opposite McColls

Work has started on the informal parking area opposite McColls, near Winifred Fison House.   The job will take about 4 weeks so should be done by the time you are reading this article. We hope that residents will be pleased with the improved parking and access paths being put in.

Tree surrounded by dug out parking bays behind white fencing
Work has started on the additional car park spaces.

Melton Road/Hill Crossings

These have now been built! Suffolk County Council is cutting back the vegetation near the Melton Hill crossing to improve visibility, but the good news is that we’ve had reports that they are making cars slow down and people now have safer crossing points on this busy road.  Some have commented that the siting of the crossings is not in the optimum locations. We were conscious that residents were concerned about losing parking spaces, so this was taken into consideration when locating the crossing points.

Hope Crescent Clean-up

Residents in Hope Crescent spent 1.5 hours clearing the weeds and moss from their pavements and their street gutters and pavements.

The pavements and street were mossy and overgrown with weeds.

They all had a great sense of achievement when they had finished the task.  All the more poignant as Mr Hope was a former chairman of Melton Parish Council.

Multiple people with brooms and rubbish bags clearing up a road of weeds and moss
Hope Crescent residents hard at work


Councillor vacancy

It seems people do read my articles and a new volunteer has stepped forward to be co-opted at the next Full Council meeting later in September.

And finally

We live in difficult and challenging times at the moment but hopefully this may just encourage us to be a little kinder to each other, I do hope so!


Alan Porter

Chair – Melton Parish Council