Cedar Tree Removal – Bury Hill – 22nd and 23rd February

We are very sorry but this once lovely Cedar tree, located on Bury Hill, will be removed on the 22nd and 23rd February due to it being diseased.

A number of Atlas Cedars and Cedar of Lebanon in the Melton/Woodbridge area have succumbed in the last few years to Sirococcus blight, a disease of cedar and hemlock.  It is caused by the Sirococcus tsugae fungus, and its main symptoms are severe shoot blight and defoliation.

After discussion with the Principal Landscape and Arboricultural Officer at East Suffolk Council it has been agreed that the tree should be felled.

We will be keeping as much of the tree as possible as a feature structure. We will re-use the wood where we can, hopefully creating some seating, and there may be some available for Melton residents.

A new pine tree will be planted to replace it.