Melton Messenger – A note from Alan – June 2022

Melton Parish Council – A Note from the Chair – Alan Porter

Every year the chair of the Parish Council holds an Annual Parish Meeting, which we have not been able to hold in person since the pandemic.  This year it was held in the Burness Rooms as it can hold more people than our office. Only 25 people turned up. The attendance level in my mind is a bit disappointing considering the effort that goes into the event. There were a few presentations from local groups which is a great way of informing Melton residents what is going on in the parish.  It is something that we have to do by law but it is a shame that more people don’t show much of an interest.  Having said that Woodbridge Town Council had even fewer.

Anyway the activity of the council at the moment is absolutely manic.  What with the rebuild of the pavilion, the fete, lighting the beacon for the Queen and all the other projects that are on the go at the moment.

We seem to be having to make big decisions on a daily basis and new problems keep cropping up on the way.  At least the weather has been dry so the builders can crack on, and they are currently on track.

Once it is done it will be a great community asset and we are making sure that we use good quality materials so that the Pavilion will remain in good condition for years to come.  The roof trusses will be going on soon so it will be looking like more of a building.

We have been told by SCC Highways that the Melton Road crossing points are still on track for July installation so fingers crossed!

We held our Full Council commissioning meeting on May 11th. At this meeting we decide which councillors will take on which roles.  The first task is to appoint the chair and as I was the only nominee I have agreed to do another year.  We have a great bunch of councillors at MPC and all the jobs were quickly allocated including the people who look after our numerous notice boards.  We are very lucky to have 4 members of the public willing to do this in their neighbourhood for which we are very grateful.  Despite the internet people do read the notice boards.  This is not a task to do on a windy day as in the past I have seen my notices flying through the air with me chasing after them.

We held a successful bird box building event at the Hall Farm Sports Ground in the Easter Holidays, which was facilitated by the Suffolk Wildlife Trust. Over 15 families took part and we have further events planned for later this year – sign up for the e-newsletter at to be kept in the loop.

The new football goal and basketball hoop should be installed at Hall Farm Road in June.

Queen’s Jubilee Events
I thought lighting a few bits of wood in the beacon wouldn’t be too difficult, but of course we have to do risk assessments and have a plan to minimise any potential problems that may arise.  One stroke of luck is that we can use some of Mixbrow’s fencing to make a cordon around the beacon. The beacon will be lit at 9:45pm in the Recreation Ground on the 2nd June.  All are welcome to come along.  The Majesty bugle call will be played by a local musician.  We will also raise the Union flag on the flagpole which is currently being repaired following the shameful act of vandalism that saw it snapped off and the Ukrainian flag stolen.

Planning for the fete on the 4th June is well underway and it should be a good event, with a good number of attractions that are new to Melton Fete.  These include the Ipswich Hospital Band Wind Ensemble and Paws of Parham running a dog show and demonstrating agility. I don’t think people realise just how much work it takes to put on an event of this scale which of course this year is harder without the facilities of the pavilion.   However we will have access to electricity & water which is useful.

Look out for our fantastic raffle, there are some really great prizes, you can buy your tickets at the Fete.  The proceeds of the raffle will go towards kitting out the pavilion.

We were confronted by a bit of a chain of decisions the other day.  It involves the basic idea of getting Wi-Fi at the pavilion.  In order to get Wi-Fi you need broadband, in order to get broadband you need a Post Code, in order to get a Post Code you need an address.  Therefore the pavilion needed a name.  Various suggestions were made but we plumped for THE MELTON PAVILION because that’s what people will call it.

The Festival of Suffolk torch relay will be passing through Melton on the 31st May at 2pm. Former Councillor Bryony Abbott will be carrying the torch so please come out to wave and cheer –

The Beacon is one of thousands being lit in the UK and the Commonwealth, and forms part of the official programme announced by Buckingham Palace for the Jubilee Weekend.

The Beacon will be lit at Melton Recreation Ground, and it will be one of over 2,022 lit by charities, communities and faith groups all over the UK.

In addition, beacons will be lit in all 54 Commonwealth capitals and the Principal Beacon lighting will take place in a special ceremony at Buckingham Palace on Thursday evening. This will take the form of a lighting installation with The Queen’s Green Canopy ’Tree of Trees’ sculpture and projections onto the front of Buckingham Palace. This innovative new way of taking part in the beacon lighting will reflect the Royal Family’s long history championing environmental causes.

Bruno Peek LVO OBE OPR, Pageantmaster of The Queen’s Jubilee Platinum Beacons said; “ Building on a long tradition of lighting beacons to mark significant royal celebrations, thousands of beacons will be lit across the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth  They will enable local communities to join together to pay tribute to Her Majesty as part of the official programme of events.

“ For the first time, town criers, pipers, buglers and choirs from the UK and the Commonwealth will come together to join in the celebrations in their own individual and special way. It is wonderful to see the range of support for beacon lighting, which will highlight both the diversity and unity of the nation and the Commonwealth. The Queen has lit up our lives for 70 years through her dedicated service and commitment. We would like to light up the nation and the Commonwealth in her honour.”

We are proud to be part of this momentous celebration. It is only appropriate that this unique milestone in history is marked with beacons and music. We are honoured to be part of this special event for Her Majesty, The Queen’s 70th year as our Monarch and Head of the Commonwealth on her Platinum Jubilee.

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Beacons and Associated Activities have been conceived and organised by Pageant master Bruno Peek and his dedicated team.  I have been in touch with Bruno and feel that we are a part of a really big thing.


Alan Porter

Chair – Melton Parish Council