Melton Messenger – A Note from Alan – October 2021

Vacancies for Parish Councillors
It looks like my request for volunteers has borne fruit and one new person has stepped forward and he was co-opted on 22nd September at Full Council.  That means we still have one vacancy. If you’d like to find out more information please get in touch or contact the office.

Vacancy for Parish Clerk
The advertisement for the role of Clerk has been published widely in the local area and the press.  Hopefully that will yield an ideal candidate.

Hall Farm Road Sports Ground
We held an open session on Saturday 25th September at the sports ground to show local people our plans and listen to any suggestions.  Too early to report in this edition of the article, watch this space or visit

Crossing points in Melton Road
A meeting has been held with SCC Highways so hopefully this is moving forwards.  They are very understaffed and overloaded with work so it’s no surprise that things don’t happen at the speed we would like.  They are doing their best to help us.  We believe that a number of new yellow lines will be painted at road junctions along Melton Road including the park entrance which somebody mentioned on Facebook recently and Fayrefield Road.

Brenda Guy
It was with real sadness that we learned of the death of Mrs. Brenda Guy on 2nd August at the age of 92.  Brenda had lived in Hope Crescent for many years before she moved to a care home nearer her daughter a few years ago.  She was involved in our community as a parish councillor for some years and then continued to attend our meetings, encouraging us to live up to her high standards.  She was also a governor of Melton Primary for many years, being passionate about raising the standard of education, and followed the progress of the school with pleasure.  We should always remember and appreciate those people who give their time and attention to making Melton the best place it can possibly be.  We should also try to remember that many of our older citizens, who are now frail and may need help, were once strong, energetic and intelligent members of our community.

The Tree Crew will be undertaking some tree planting as part of the Queen’s Canopy initiative in the autumn. We are looking for ‘Tree-Frienders’ to help water and tend the newly planted trees. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact the Assistant Clerk at the office.

The Pavilion
We now have quotes for the demolition of the old pavilion.  In the meantime we intend to erect a small metal shed to house the mains water, provide storage and the CCTV.

Melton Fete
We are still working on plans for the fete which will be held on June 4th next year.

Car boot sales
Mr Woolnough reported to us that the profits from the last 2 car boot sales were as follows:

21 August      £555.66

4 September £574.93

The August figure includes a cash sum of £95.00 received from a nine year old girl who sold her toys to raise money for cancer research in memory of her aunt who had the disease.   All profits made goes to cancer research.

Alan Porter

Chair – Melton Parish Council