Melton Messenger – A Note from Carol – December 2023

With the unprecedented flooding around Suffolk in recent months, I feel grateful that Melton came off relatively lightly compared to places like Framlingham, Wickham Market and Martlesham.  I witnessed myself how quickly the water rose in the shopping centre near to Marks and Spencer’s and Hobby Craft; both shops becoming overwhelmed by the amount of water coursing through the car park and in through the doors.  Congratulations to both Wickham Market and Framlingham Councils who swung into action, supporting their residents and co-ordinating emergency plans with the support of both Suffolk County Council and East Suffolk District Council and Councillors. And many thanks to all those who have come to people’s aid.

Flooding is devastating.  It turns people’s lives upside down.  I should know having lived through a catastrophic flood some years ago when I lived in Essex.  It took us 2 years to dry out the walls of our Victorian house.  The disruption and distress of living in a damp and cold house was a nightmare.  Sugar turned to a brick within a few days unless it was kept in a container.  The kitchen units had to be replaced twice in two years because they became mouldy within 6 months of installation.  Clothes and shoes were ruined because of the damp.  It isn’t just the immediate disaster that leaves an indelible mark on people’s lives.

Melton Parish Council will be looking at putting an emergency plan in place just in case something like this should ever happen to us.  If there’s anybody out there who has experience of doing something like this and would like to get involved, we would appreciate you getting in touch.  We need all the help we can get to get this done.  And we think we need to do it.

In November, we set the budgets for the following year.  Having completed the Pavilion and with the significant progress made on Beresford Drive Play Park, we are hoping to fund other projects on our list.  One of these projects is the building of a cycle/pump truck (see photo below)

Pump track example

Ours won’t be as big or as grand as this but we think it will bring about a much needed opportunity for our younger residents, and their families, to enjoy an outdoor sport.  Some have tried building their own cycle tracks in Burkes Wood and this will provide a much needed alternative.  As the Council has designated this a conservation area and it is protected by a Tree Preservation Order, we feel we need to meet the need by creating a dedicated area. If you want to get involved please contact the office.

Talking of the Recreation Ground, a resident captured some amazing pictures of the aurora on the 5th November at the Melton Recreation Ground so thought I would share one with you.Aurora (Nothern Lights) at the Recreation Ground

And as always, if you want to become involved in the decisions that affect Melton village, please get in touch with a view to becoming a Councillor via the office or by contacting me directly.  My email address is

I end by wishing you all the best for the festive season and a very happy New Year. I look forward to updating you on the latest news from the Parish Council in February.

Cllr Carol Gradwell

Chair of Melton Parish Council