Melton Messenger – A note from Melton Parish Council – April 2023

Because of the Local Elections on the 4th May, Councillors are not allowed to write directly on behalf of a Council in the period leading up to the election.  Therefore, Melton Parish Council has limited its normal news article to entirely factual matters for the time being.

Local Elections – 4th May – Photographic ID required

Voters will need to show photographic ID at polling stations when voting from 4th May 2023.  Some acceptable forms of ID include:

▪ UK or European Economic Area Passport,

▪ Photo driving licence,

▪ Biometric immigration document,

▪ Blue badge,

▪ Older person’s bus pass.

The full list of acceptable ID and how to apply for a Voter Authority Certificate (VCA) (for those without any acceptable ID) can be found here:  The last date to apply for a VCA is the 25th April at 5pm.

Without ID you will not be able to vote, so don’t forget to take along at least one of the above.

All election information will be published on the East Suffolk website:

The polling station for Melton is at the Burness Parish Rooms, The Street.


Work of the Council 

Melton Parish Council is very active in working on behalf of Melton residents and developing its amenities.  Following on from the extension and resurfacing of the car park at the Melton Road Recreation Ground and improving the tennis courts, the new Pavilion is now open with a public toilet.  Bookings are going well but there is still room for more. If you are interested in hiring the Pavilion, please look on the Melton Parish Council website for the calendar, details of charges and a booking form.

The transfer of land from East Suffolk Council continues to be costly in respect of woodland maintenance, tree planting and footpath improvements but we are committed to maintaining as many green spaces as possible in an increasingly urbanised area. We are seeing an increasing number of requests from residents who would like us to fell trees because the tree is causing a shadow in their garden or they are suffering with leaf litter or dew drop in the autumn.  We remain open to discuss residents’ concerns, but we are unable to fund tree work unless the tree is damaged, diseased or dangerous. Please bear this in mind when making a request for Melton Parish Council to fund tree works.

Parking has been improved near McColls in the village next to Winifred Fison House. It is good to see the additional parking spaces are being well used.

Two Quiet Lanes have been introduced (St Audry’s Lane and Lodge Farm Lane). It reminds everyone, particularly car drivers and cyclists, that this road is shared with others such as horse riders and pedestrians. Therefore all users should proceed with appropriate caution and reduced speeds.

Love Woodbridge & Melton Mini Holland Project

A team at Suffolk County Council have put together a bid for funding from Active Travel England for a Mini-Holland scheme in Woodbridge and Melton. If successful, the funding would be used to create better walking and cycling infrastructure throughout the area and encourage residents to travel by foot or bike rather than using their car.  We intend to work closely with the team should the bid be successful.

The Woodbridge & Melton Society

At their AGM in March the members of the Woodbridge Society unanimously supported the recommendation to change the name of the society to include Melton. They are also looking into putting up a blue plaque to honour Sir Archibald Garrod, who in addition to being a very distinguished physician was also a benefactor to Melton.

Next Month

Next month, we will be reporting on the end of year finances.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please email the office at